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  • 2021-01-13 09:13:41 AM
    Why use a Recruitment Agency

    Why use a Recruitment Agency?

    Unique Personnel has been in the people business for 50 years, we have adapted to changes in our industry to ensure that our current client base remain happy and allowing our potential clients feel confident that our 50 years of experience is going to help them add value to their company.


    The purpose of a recruitment agency is twofold, we assist candidates to find their next job opportunity and we help clients find talent that will help their business grow! Most companies need the assistance of a recruitment agency but don’t see the value that a recruitment agency adds.


    1.      1. We Hire Faster

    Unique Personnel have been recruiting for 50 years so we know how to source the right talent for your company faster!

    We have an extensive talent pool on our database as well as access to systems that assist us in sourcing those hard to find skills for your company.

    Agencies don’t waste time in sending CVs that don’t meet your criteria so you only see CVs of suitable candidates making the hiring process simpler and faster.


    2.      2. High Calibre Candidates

    Recruiters have access to a talent pool of candidates who are pre-screened and referenced. It is our job to ensure that we complete an in-depth screening process to shortlist candidates that are suitable for your position. Each candidate has carefully been assessed to meet your criteria. We deal with candidates on a daily basis and are experts in identifying the best talent for a number of different industries.


    3.      3. Specialist Recruitment Knowledge

    While your company grows you might face new positions that you aren’t familiar with. Our recruiters have been in the business for over twenty years and understand the importance that each position plays in certain industries allowing us to assist in finding talent for positions that you are not familiar with.


    4.      4. Focus on serving the client

    Recruiters generally do all the work before seeing any compensation for their work, and in some cases don’t see any especially when a company is not 100% committed to going the agency route. If no candidate is hired then no fee is charged for the work done. This ensures that we are focusing on finding the best talent for your open roles.


    5.      5. Trust

    Recruiters provide candidates with a safe and secure platform. Candidates are more reluctant to post their private information on other platforms for safety purposes. This means that recruitment agencies have a talent pool that hiring managers don’t have access to.


    6.      6. Extended Reach

    Some of the best talent are not actively looking for new opportunities. Recruiters generally know who these candidates are and know how to reach them and most importantly know how to incentivise them to join your company.


    7.      7. Experience

    Recruitment is what we do; we have gained experience in dealing with different industries, different people and different companies. People are the most important investment you are going to make for a business, using a recruitment agency is going to assist in reaping the rewards of your investment.






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