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2 Arbroath Road, HQ Bedfordview, 2008, South Africa.
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Romany House, Mellis Park, 2 Mellis road, Rivonia, 2128
Tel: (011) 970 3166

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Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Adult Basic Education and Training
Certificate - Adult Basic Education and Training:
Grade 11:Biology
Agricultural Science
MS Publisher,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,MS Access,MS Word,E-Mail,Internet
Building - Construction:Customer Service Consultant From May 2002 To June 2004
Performing risk assessment, arranging and transporting employees to obtain medical fitness
certificate, assessing and evaluating earth moving machinery operators, inducting
new employees, chairing health and safety representatives meetings, etc.
Civil Engineering, Lebowakgomo Platinum mine, 56 million rand project, 275 employees, 2 x 500L diesel trailers, 1 x V-PAC Roller & 3 x Bomac Roller, 4 x concrete vibrator, 1 x 5kvagenerator, 5 x Water Pump, 3 x TLB, 6 x Articulated Dump Trucks, 6 x Scrappers, 5 x 33T Excavator, 2 x 992 Front end loader, 1 x 25Tons Crane, 2 x Compressor, 1 x Crane mounted trucks, 2 x Tractors and 5 x LDVs.

Energy - Mining and Gas:Health & Safety Representative From March 1992 To April 2002
Conducting risk assessment exercise
Inspecting underground prodcution face, workshops, conveyor belts and electrical substations
Inspecting hostel, central workshops, offices and wash plants
Inducted contractors
Compiled reports for DME
Training employees on the use of PAC30 rescue pack
Assisting employees who left dangerous work area
Prepared monthly accident statistics
Inspecting equipment used by the engineering team during plant maintenance and repairs
Inspecting workplace ? (include underground face, underground workshops, conveyor
belts, electrical substations, offices, workshops, process plant and hostel), assisting employees
who have left dangerous place, etc.
Underground Mining Producing 118 000 tons of coal per month, 428 employees, 6 shuttle cars, 3 front end loader, 3 x face drills, 4 x rham, 15km conveyor belt, etc.

Building - Construction:Health & Safety Officer From August 2004 To 2019-02

Labour Intensive Projecy in Soweto Induction of 450 employees
Check 22 subcontractors for compliance
Inspecting equipment for the main contractor
Investigating accidents from each and every sub contractor
Reporting accidents to the Commissioner and the Client
Present accident report to the two weekly site meeting
Develop safety files
Develop safety plans and specifications
Develop induction program for new recruits and employees returning from leave
Develop inspection checklist for the health and safety representatives
Perform investigation of accidents
Compile accident statistics
Control budget provide for health and safety
Risk assessment
Develop registers and forms as per company / supplier specifications
Develop safe working procedures
Enforce compliance
Indentifying actual / potential risks and developing protocols to mitigate risks, etc
Present accident report to the two weekly site meeting
Civil Engineering, Mozambique Sasol Pande
project put up 30 inch gas pipe, 150 million rand project, 250 employees, 3 x 500L diesel trailers,
1 x V-PAC Roller & 1 x Bomac Roller, 4 x
Concrete mixer, 1 x concrete vibrator, 3 x 5kva generator, 3 x Water Pump, 1 x TLB, 4 x Tipper
Trucks, 7 x Side Booms(Pipe layers), 13 x
Lincon Welders, 4 x 33T Excavator, 1 x 25Tons Crane, 2 x 15Tons Cranes, 4 x Compressor, 2 x
Crane mounted trucks, 4 x Tractors and 33 x LDVs.

Tshwane (Pretoria)
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