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Regional Franchise Manager

Candidate: 51012
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Regional Franchise Manager
R35000- R40000
Advanced Financial Management
Advanced Financial Management Diploma :
Business Skills Certificate:Introduction: Economic Terms and Principles; Entrepreneurial Skills: Personality, Opportunity and Financial Needs; Pocket Calculations; Basic Record And Bookkeeping; Business Plan Compiling; Financial Institutions: Workings And Applications; Buying Principles; Selling Principles; Costing Methods; Stock Control And Marketing.
Motor Mechanics:Practical and Theory (Petrol & Diesel)
Grade 12:
Microsoft,Java,MS Access,MS Word,Norton\s Anti-Virus,Pastel,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Windows NT Workstations,Lotus,Flash,AS 400,Pastel Payroll,Pastel Basic,Word Perfect,CC-Mail,3G,E-Mail,Internet,Lotus Notes,Windows (basic)
Consumer Products - FMCG:Senior Accounts Manager (FMCG) From 2019-02 To Current
  • Implement sales strategies in accordance with company targets to increase market share.
  • Market investigation and collection of customer information, for sales forecasts purposes.
  • Identify new business opportunities by exposing full potential of the company service portfolio.
  • Develop and implement new customer-specific products and marketing concepts.
  • Prompt quoting (charting pre-determined pricing, minimum order quantities, packaging costs, etc.).
  • Build and maintain strong strategic partnerships with clients through regular contact (meeting, e-mail and phone) and surpassed service delivery.
  • Negotiate agreements/contracts with clients and service providers.
  • Providing retail initiatives, particularly category management and information-base selling internally.
  • Audit team performance to ensure compliance with contract requirements, account disputes and significant change of orders.
  • Discuss product compliance with internal teams and clients.
  • Verify specifications on contracts including commercial terms.
  • Providing advisory on placing of orders and general product specification.
  • Prepare account change notice: reviewing account plans and client payments nature.
  • Audit progress and quality of work before scheduling delivery to clients.
  • Concept selling and B2B supply chain initiatives.
  • Develop channel strategy for modern-trade based on overall sales direction.
  • Diligent managing of information and relevant administration on account report progress.

Business Consulting :Business Consulting Manager From 2016-03 To Current

? Equity Investment: Constantly seeking to conclude equity investment with selected businesses that meets our investment appetite and or exercise firm prudence in managing equity investment portfolios.
? Finance Optimization: To support our clients in successfully concluding value adding business transactions such as, management buy-ins/outs, business acquisition, project development to de-risk transactions and uncover opportunities that improve returns.
? Raising Capital: From a large funding database, endeavour to design an optimal structure to suit most business circumstances, and present to clients seeking business finance.
? Business Planning & Strategy: Proving planning solutions and strategies that are essential for business growth, investment attraction and advisory in concluding business transactions.
Employing experience in business writing to help businesses structure their business plans in accordance to chosen institution guidelines and process of application.
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Curriculum Vitae: MF Ratsaka
? Retail Distribution: Compiling a list of Buyers for most franchised businesses to share with clients and advise on partnership selection, and relevant association.
? Business Funding: Working on a list of business funders in South Africa, both private and public institutions considering focused business practises, and suggest or make available to our clients.
? Tendering: Tender bid facilitation, bid preparations, tender document, alert on briefing, bid strategy and submission.
? Franchise Systems: Compiling user-friendly guidelines and systems that can be duplicated for third party use and tailor record keeping mediums to keep track of business stock and inventory, automated and or manual systems.

Printing - Publishing:Manager (Kgantsha Mzansi Project) From 2013-01 To 2013-09

Green Energy Efficient Lightings (Project Management).


  • Business administration to increase company efficiency, customer base and turnover.
  • Liaise with Managing Director & Business Advisor on technical planning and production equipment for Johannesburg Municipality tenders.
  • Preparation of annual budget and variances on quotes for MD’s conclusion.
  • Provide recommendations regarding effective utilization of long and short term debt, including refinancing and purchasing/sales.

Manufacturing:Franchise Manager - Regional Operations From 2013-12 To 2016-02

Gaming Floor:

  • Manage gaming sites: managers; treasury; cash desks; security and all staff on duty. 
  • Daily banking; authorizing all jackpot pay-outs and all manual payments. 
  • Ensuring gaming operations adhere to company and Gambling Board procedures and policies. 
  • Completion of daily floor check sheets for compliance purposes.
  • Performing daily cash counts, reconciling and authorizing banking. 
  • Confirming and issuing of departmental floats daily. 
  • Conflict resolution with staff and customers. 
  • Relevant document preparations for Head Office and Gambling Board audits. 
  • Handling of complaints on both gaming & grill floors. 
  • Fixing and operating of all EBT machines.
  • Relieve Cashiers; Treasures, Terminal Attendants and Security. 
  • Conduct daily meeting with all Bingo staff & completion of meeting planners. 
  • General daily administration and filing.
  • Training and facilitation of promotional branches.


Restaurant/Grill Floor: 

  • Control bars and all store rooms.
  • Manage Waiters; kitchen dept. and all stuff on duty. 
  • Daily counting of all stocks and ordering of stock if necessary. 
  • Conduct daily meetings with all departments before shifts.  
  • Liaising with all customers and site guests.
  • Allocating Waiter bays daily and daily duties of all staff.
  • Performing regular checks in the kitchen, and preparations for audits. 
  • Completion of daily, weekly and monthly check sheets. 
  • Issuing of products for portioning and preparations. 
  • Receiving, capturing and balancing of stock.
  • Increase sales (as per KPI requirements). 
  • Increase spend per head (as per KPI requirements). 
  • Increase customer count (as per KPI requirements). 
  • Drive gross profit (as per KPI requirements).
  • Monitor site maintenance and contractor’s work sign-off.


Position: Money Laundering Reporting Officer (additional role for a Senior Manager) 

  • Accessing information which may assist in suspicion of money laundering.  
  • Investigating information concerning money laundering suspicions.
  • Disclosure to FICA/Reporting Authority prior compiling reports.
  • Establish and maintain a register of money laundering referrals made by staff.
  • Training of key staff, regarding money laundering processes and identification.
  • Customer verification procedures, vigilance policy and systems.
  • Monitoring of anti-money laundering records for the required periods.
  • Ensuring that internal auditing and compliance departments regularly monitor and make recommendations for up to date systems on vigilance; and, 
  • Maintenance of training and procedures manuals so that in the event of a suspicious activity be in discovered, all staff are aware of the reporting chain and procedures to follow. 


Position: Senior Treasurer (December 2013- promoted to Senior Management) 

  • Daily clearance, sorting and counting of cash notes.   
  • Balance cash from terminals as well as Cashiers.
  • Daily preparation and balancing of books and forward to HD.
  • Audit preparations for both internal and external personnel.  
  • Understanding and able to perform the duties of a Cashier/Cashier relief.   
  • Ensuring compliance as regards to Gambling Board requirements.  
  • Daily preparations of departmental floats as required.  
  • Key issuing and controlled in accordance with company procedures.  
  • Ensure all monies paid into treasury are double-checked and counted.  
  • Ensure that only authorized personnel are permitted to the treasury.   
  • Reconcile all monies in accordance with Company procedures.   
  • Record information in accordance with Company procedures.   
  • Ensure that accounting records are kept in accordance with Gaming legislation.   
  • Ensure monies are uplifted from all departments using prescribed system for cash handling.   
  • Prepare banking/money for collection in accordance with Company procedures.
  • Oversee the induction of new staff as required.

Manufacturing:Sales / Customer Service Consultant From 2010-02 To 2012-12
  • Internal sales.
  • Query handling: walk-ins and telephonically.
  • Processing and following up on orders.
  • Credit/Debit card transactions.
  • Invoicing and quotations.
  • Daily balancing and banking.
  • Process and schedule customer orders.

Hospitality - Resort:Data Capturer From 2008-08 To 2008-09
  • Capturing of surveys and market research.

Property Management:Property Manager From 2008-11 To 2010-01
  • Ensuring work and procedures are performed in such a fashion as to protect the interest and property of the Body Corporate.  
  • Being an integral part of the feedback mechanism for the Trustees and Body Corporate.   
  • Performing second level checks on work conducted, and the invoiced items are correct before the invoices are approved by Trustees and then sent to Managing Agent for payment.  
  • Issuing of receipts of electrical and laundry facilities and ensuring that the cash is deposited regularly and receipts books are balanced.  
  • Obtaining daily reports from Security Company. Communicate any misconduct of the rules of the Body Corporate to the Trustees and Managing Agent.  
  • Any lawful duties required by the trustees of the Body Corporate.  
  • Liaising with the Managing Agent and scheduling work for maintenance contractors.  
  • Obtain quotations for maintenance work on behalf of the Body Corporate.  
  • Routinely checking the performance and fidelity of the security systems, including gate motors, gate operation, electric fence, armed response and security lighting.  
  • Arrangements for the purchasing of all necessary cleaning; gardening essentials; equipment required and forwarding the invoices to the Managing Agent for payment.   

Manufacturing:Business Analyst Assistant From 2007-02 To 2007-12
  • Assisting the Business Analyst with capturing/acquiring data, then updating in the company’s information system channels and minimal department administration.   

Education - Training:Brand Promoter From 2005-11 To 2006-11
  • Various campaigns including: Standard Bank; Nashua Mobile; Equisweet, Tempo Chocolates and Vodacom.    

Service:Student Practices From 2004-04 To 2004-04
  • Dispatching car vouches.
  • Filing & Invoicing. 
  • Customer Service.

Catering Services:Stock Organizer/ Driver From 2004-09 To 2004-11
  • Stock and petty cash management.
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Afrikaans,English,North Sotho,Sepedi,Sotho,Tswana,Zulu
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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