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  • 2020-06-24 03:47:00 PM
    The POPI Act forces employers to be responsible and accountable for their employee’s or possible employee’s personal information

    The POPI Act forces employers to be responsible and accountable for their employee’s or possible employee’s personal information and data.

    This legal obligation requires you to make sure your employees’ personal information and data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. A simple thing like a third party getting hold of your employee’s marital status, physical health or even home address via your current system or filing records, can land you with a R10 million fine or jail time. Here’s an example: James, one of your employees, really likes Sam, your other employee. While you’re out on lunch, James sneaks into your office or goes onto your current system to get Sammy’s home address. He starts harassing and stalking Sam at her home. Sam can lay a charge against you for this. To avoid this, you must follow the legal requirements of the POPI Act. TRS will automate this process for you.

    What is the purpose of POPI Act?

    The Protection of Personal Information Act, commonly referred to as POPI, is a new South African Act that regulates processing of personal information. This is to protect people’s information from being used for abuse, discrimination, harassment and illegal purposes. It was signed into law in November 2013, and is coming into effect late 2020! You MUST start implementing changes now!  And your company may be targeted by auditors. If you wait it will be too late because there’s so much that needs to be done such as:

    • Adding security to your HR personnel documents;
    • Changing your filing system;
    • Review employees’ information to determine what info is personal;
    • Look at your policies and procedures such as: - Internet and computer policies;
    • and - Employment contracts. And implement an information security policy.

    How does this POPI affect you?

     As the Manager or HR manager, you need to make sure you process your employees’ personal information in a way that restricts access to it. Only you and/or senior managers can have access to personal information. If by any chance you current or possible candidate’s personal data is leaked and it lands up in the wrong hands or in the public domain, you could face a fine of up to R10 million or a prison sentence. Our team of Consultants, HR and Recruiter experts have created a tool that will help you comply with the recruitment requirements of the POPI Act as soon as you sign up. TRS will automatically and simply assist you in your full recruitment process by:

     Posting all your positions or vacancy’s securely

     Making sure each applicant has agreed to share their personal information with you

     Inform the applicant where their CV is

     Store each candidate’s application info on our secure TRS with login

     Track and notify you and each application through the recruitment process

     On board successful candidates and automatically notify unsuccessful applications

     Store all possible candidates and candidate applications accordingly in your own talent pool

     Manage all your current staff’s personal information securely

    The POPI Act is a nightmare to follow 100% if you do not have the tools to manage it! TRS has simplified it for you by automatically initiating, confirming, protecting and recording the relevant procedures you need to follow as a HR manager receiving CVs. This tool outlines:

    Who will benefit from this tool?

    TRS isn't just for HR managers. It’s also for anyone who deals with employee’s data and information. Including, but not limited to:

     Information Officers;

     Procurement officers and managers;

     Managers of staff;

     Business executives; and

     Business owners.

    Automatically adhere to the POPI Act with TRS;

    Do what the Act requires from you as a manager;

    Understand your employees’ rights so you can avoid legal comebacks;

    Instant Alignment of your internal processes with the Act;

    Meet the compliance deadline as soon as it’s announced; Your managers and staff follow the new changes with TRS; Avoid penalties for non-compliance;

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