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  • 2020-07-23 03:59:29 PM
    What every HR Person needs to know about retaining Talent

    1.If your employees’ LinkedIn (or similar) accounts do not add value to your business then their employment contracts must state that they must switch their LinkedIn accounts off. LinkedIn can be a distraction and is a platform for your competition to find and contact your staff. Rather outsource your Linkedin and Social media accounts to a professional firm that will add value to your business.


    2. Why employ permanent staff when you can hire staff on temporary or contract basis through a recruiter with payroll solutions. Recruitment agencies take on all the risk so you don’t have to. Unique Personnel Temp Contractors.


    3. Use your HR to promote your Brand for free and increase your digital and organic search results by having a careers section on your website – you can get a free careers section with TRS.


    4. Start targeting potential candidates from your competitors/industry now – Use a head hunting firm such as Unique Personnel to ethically source these candidates for you.


    5. Does your HR ERP system Automate your POPI/GDPR compliance? It should be and you should be using HR ERP tools. Save time and money by outsourcing your HR department to a professional.


    6. Wrong hires can cost you. Use a professional recruitment agency that has experience in asking the right questions and finding someone who can add value.


    7. Grow your business by recruiting the right people. The people you employ are an investment to the company; it makes sense to invest in an agency that shares the same values.


    8. Automate non-core functions. Use a partner that understands your business.


    9. Go out of your way to show you appreciate your best staff. Be creative!


    10. Keep open lines of communication with your staff.




    Source: Unique Personnel

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