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Human Resource Manager

Candidate: 41779
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Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Human Resource Manager
R25 000
1 Calendar Month
Business Leadership
National Diploma : Personnel Management:Personnel Management
BTech Degree : Human Resource Management:Human Resource Management
Master’s Degree in Business Leadership (MBL) : Business Leadership
Grade 12:Afrikaans, English, Business Economics, Accounting , Mercantile Law, Typing
SAP,MS Word,Pastel Payroll,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Windows,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Lotus Notes,Typing 60 wpm,VIP Payroll,Microsoft
Consulting:Private HR Consultant and Recruiter From 2018-03 To Current

Private HR Consulting and Recruitment services to various clients, including:

  • Standard Bank
  • Kee Ingredient
  • Ultra Food Innovations
  • Technology Corporate Management (TCM)
  • Characters Personnel
  • BMG


Projects, tasks and work completed including:

  • Updating overall company HR policies and procedures.
  • Planning and implementation of a companywide comprehensive orientation and induction plan.
  • Executive training and facilitation on HR policies.
  • Planning and implementation of a companywide Talent Management programme.
  • Management training and facilitation on IR policies and practical implementation.
  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings and compiling reports on the enquiry.
  • Advising management on disciplinary and IR matters.
  • CCMA representation at Conciliation and Arbitration matters.
  • Preparation for Arbitration matters, including compiling bundles, preparing witnesses and representing the company at Arbitration.
  • BBBEE strategies, planning and implementation of programmes.
  • HR Consulting and Business Partnering.
  • Recruitment services, including advertising, sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, CV drafting and placement of candidates.

Banking:HR Business Partner (Group Finance) From 2011-07 To 2018-02

Overall purpose of the role

  • Executing the operational activities of HR BAU and all transactional activities in the HR calendar.
  • Ensuring that the medium to long term People Strategy is embedded into the Group Finance function




Stakeholder Management and Leadership

  • Acting as a trusted advisor and implementer to Executive managers within the Group Finance function.
  • Supporting line managers in the delivery of key business deliverables/requirements from a people perspective.
  • Collaborating with the HR specialist teams to ensure consistency and quality of delivery.
  • Decision-making and Problem Solving.
  • Working in a structured, organised and disciplined way to ensure high levels of service delivery.
  • Delivering key projects and co-ordinate all HR activities.
  • Implementing of practical process improvement for the Group Finance function and all people initiatives.
  • Measuring and evaluating implementation of HR activities.
  • Managing of defined service standards to ensure timely execution of HR services.
  • Analysing and reporting on MI data to team managers in order to gain a deeper understanding of people issues within the business function.
  • Communicating and presenting the results of all processes and Group Finance function activity to ensure that they can be understood and evaluated.


Risk and Control

  • Ensuring that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Operational Risk Framework and internal Policies and Standards.
  • Advising and implantation of all aspects of HR including ER, Resourcing, Talent Management and Reward.
  • Demonstrating and delivering of robust, commercial HR solutions across a large complex environment/business.
  • Provision of high quality service delivery through all aspects of people management.

Talent Consultant 

  • Managing the talent process for Corporate Functions, including Group Finance, Group Risk, Group Marketing, and Group Auditors.
  • Preparing talent profiles for Exco committee talent reviews, ensuring quality control of talent profiles, drafting of reports for the Exco committee and presentation of findings.
  • Overall training and advising to Exco and Manco as well as HRBPs on talent review process and policies.

Business management consultant :HR Director From 2008-05 To 2011-06

Overall purpose of the role

  • Strategic Planning, directing, and coordinating the overall HR functions of ECI Africa, including leading and overseeing the ECI Africa's HR programs and policies as they apply to employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety, performance and staffing levels.
  • Advising and consulting top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organisation's top management and its employees.
  • Attending and reporting of HR function effectiveness and statistics at bi-annual Board Meetings.




  • Identifying, assessing, and informing the Managing Director of internal and external issues that affect the organisation.
  • Acting as a professional advisor to the Managing Director on all aspects of the organisation's activities.
  • Foster effective team work between Senior Executives and senior managers.
  • Conduct correspondence on behalf of the organisation as appropriate and jointly with the Managing Director when appropriate.
  • Acting as representative of the organisation at the USA commercial forum.


Program Planning and Management

  • Overseeing the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organisation's HR programs and services.
  • Ensuring that the HR programs and services offered by the organisation contribute to the organisation's mission and reflect the priorities of the Board.
  • Monitoring the day-to-day delivery of the HR programs and services of the organisation to maintain or improve quality.
  • Overseeing the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of special projects.

Human Resources Planning and Management

  • Determining staffing requirements for organisational management and program delivery
  • Overseeing the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices including the development of job descriptions for all staff
  • Establishing a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations
  • Recruiting, interviewing and selecting staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the organisation's mission
  • Ensuring that all staff receives an orientation to the organisation and that appropriate training is provided
  • Monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting annual performance reviews
  • Coaching and mentoring staff as appropriate to improve performance
  • Disciplining staff when necessary using appropriate techniques; release staff when necessary using appropriate and legally defensible procedures


Financial Planning and Management

  • Together with the Financial Director prepare a comprehensive budget for Human Resource activities within the organisation.
  • Overseeing and approving of expenditures and reporting on financial activities to the Board and Managing Director.


Employee Relations

  • Developing, maintaining and implementing all employee relations policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring the climate within the company with regards to relationships between management and staff. Proactively identifying potential barriers / trends / areas of conflict and partner with Executives to minimize disruptive effects.
  • Providing strategic ER service to the company in respect of all aspects of ER.
  • Interpreting legislation, policies and procedures related to ER and advise the Executives accordingly.
  • Ensuring company representation on behalf of the company at the CCMA or any other Labour related body in respect of any dispute or Labour Related issues.


Staff Management

  • Manging the HR team in line with the business HR practices, assign and direct work, oversee their development, identify training needs and maintain staff competence.
  • Establish and evaluate Key Performance Indicators.
  • Initiating the appropriate Labour Relation action required within section.

Banking:Regional HR Manager From 2004-07 To 2008-04

Recruitment and selection of staff

  • Implement recruitment and selection strategies that will enhance the performance capacity of the region.
  • Understand and, in partnership with line and resourcing entities, ensure internal controls are in place to minimize recruitment risk.
  • Monitor trends related to recruitment and wastage with a view to proactively managing the impact on the region and implementing corrective measures.
  • Drive the ongoing upskilling of line management with regard to selection and recruitment techniques.
  • Personally assist in recruitment and selection of staff that are considered to be key to the business (HIPOs, key staff and management).
  • Provide support to line management in dealing with staff exits so that the costs associated with these are minimized.
  • Implement and manage a proactive manpower plan that takes into account competency profiles and is based on business growth or shrinkage, as the case may be. The approach would support succession planning, particularly for key posts and allow for logical career progression/management.
  • Implementation and management of the Employment Equity Act.
  • People and remuneration management
  • Drive the education of line on all remuneration issues related to the management of staff, as well as other more specific initiatives such as ?key staff?.
  • Ensure remuneration costs are monitored and managed at an acceptable level in relation to other region operating costs.
  • Development and training of staff
  • Assess and understand the competencies/skills/profiles required to ensure profitability in line with region strategic and business requirements.
  • Direct the training function to efficiently deliver courses that enhance the region skills base.
  • Professional participation in the broad development of staff with potential in the province. This implies a partnership between the HR Consultant and the line manager, to support appropriate short and long-term development.
  • Facilitate and drive initiatives to provide effective and cost efficient skills training in support of flexible staffing practices.
  • Performance management and appraisal of staff
  • Foster and nurture a performance culture which enhances the understanding of ongoing performance management and annual appraisal.
  • Monitor the performance appraisal system, ensuring its continued suitability and effective application in the region.
  • Managing staff performance, key staff, talented staff and poor performers.
  • Provide support specifically in the regions of poor and superior performance. This entails education of line management of these staff and contributes to the overall integrity of performance management.
  • Diversity and transformation
  • Position diversity as a business imperative in the region, taking into account both the business and external requirements.
  • Support the achievement of equity objectives through driving the implementation of enabling management tools (policies/procedures/practices) and initiatives to ensure their acceptance and use by the line.
  • Monitor progress against objectives for the region and alert the line management to concerns affecting the business at a region level.
  • Develop and maintain contact with the appropriate external communities to facilitate recruitment and maintain an awareness of industry trends.
  • Drive and monitor the implementation of transformation action plans, employment equity plans etc for the region.
  • Industrial relations
  • Keep abreast of labour legislation in order to ensure compliance.
  • Drive the education of the line with regard to general labour relations matters and effective employment relations practices.
  • Consult with line management on industrial relations issues, in need, in conjunction with labour relations specialists, to minimize IR risks.
  • Represent the bank at the CCMA, TOKISO and chair disciplinary enquiries.
  • Change management
  • Implement and participate in diagnosis/intervention and monitor/follow-up to assess effectiveness of the change initiative.
  • Act as a catalyst for change, particularly concerning human resources issues in the region.
  • Administrative service
  • Managing and overseeing proper administration processes for human resources in the region.

Pharmaceutical - Healthcare:Group HR Manager From 1997-01 To 2004-06

Managing administration function including:

  • Overseeing of administration compliance with legislation across all areas in department
  • Communication with management and general staff via memos, notices, etc.
  • Handling salary and benefit function (pastel payroll) and administration,
  • compilation of all templates and documents required for comprehensive HR administration
  • Ensuring HR software system Visual Personnel Manager are kept updated,
  • Compilation of reports and statistics to management on various aspects, when required
  • Handling quarterly reports for Stats SA.

Training and development function, including:

  • Hands-on training of supervisory and management staff
  • Compliance with Equity Act and Skills Act
  • Management of performance evaluation process and overseeing implementation of development plans
  • Advising management on career paths and succession planning
  • Overseeing induction training programme
  • Recognition and reward management
  • Advising employees and management on training interventions and initiatives.

Industrial Relations function, including:

  • Compiling IR policies, procedures and documentation
  • IR training to managerial staff
  • IR consultant to management and supervisory staff
  • handling disciplinary enquiries for level II and level III employees
  • handling grievance and counseling meetings for level II and level III employees,
  • CCMA representation, conciliation and arbitration
  • Union negotiations. The company has three unions, SACWU at the Johannesburg branch, NEHAWU at the Polokwane branch and CEPPAWU in Mpumalanga.

Recruitment function, including:

  • Management of the recruitment function
  • recruitment of level II and level III employees, including advertising, interviewing and appointment
  • Ensuring comprehensive administration
  • liaisons with service providers (where applicable)
  • Providing management with advisory function to ensure successful recruitment.

General HR function, including:

  • Compilation of job profiles and job grading for level II and level III employees,
  • Handling HR budget and motivations pertaining thereto
  • Overseeing social responsibility
  • Overseeing communication responsibility, including editing a quarterly news letter
  • General assistance to all employees and management within the group.

Mining:Human Resource Officer From 1994-01 To 1996-12
  • Responsible for training administration within the company. Company had a staff complement of over 360 employees.
  • Handling implementation of Formal Learning Support for all employees.
  • Liaising with employees, training institutions, tertiary institutions and management.
  • Organising training for employees, booking of courses, etc.
  • Cheque requisitions and payment to institutions.
  • Handling employee training record and statistics.
  • Handling training budget and capturing information onto the HR system.
  • Assisting in updating job descriptions and information to grading committee, including motivations for promotions.
  • Project involvement and handling administration for the Recognition and Reward process.
  • Organising meetings and documentation for meetings pertaining the HRD.
  • Investigation and reporting on various training institutions, according to needs analyses within the company.
  • General duties, including typing, filing, etc.
  • Assisting Management with various projects within the company.
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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