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Warehouse And Distribution Manager

Candidate: 1477
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Warehouse And Distribution Manager
Diploma in Strategic Logistics Management

Credit Management:Credit management I, II, III
Diploma in Strategic Logistics Management :Logistics
Grade 12:English Afrikaans Maths Bookkeeping Biology
Microsoft,Syspro,SAP,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,MS Access,MS Word,Pastel,E-Mail,Internet,Windows (basic)
Manufacturing Window Frames:Inventory / Distribution Manager From 2017-04 To 2018-01
  • Audited stock take November 2017 results: 98.05% accuracy…one of the best stock takes in company history 
  • Setting up KPI’s and KPA’s to ensure 100% accountability.
  • Ensuring inventory correctly GRV’d and binned into relevant locations.
  • Ensuring line loading is done the previous day with no missing parts.
  • Delivery to customers done within the specified delivery time – 3 days of invoicing.
  • Co-coordinating deliveries to and from sub-contracting suppliers to ensure 100%-line loading and 5 day SOH.
  • Holding Green Area meetings to deal with issues arising within the warehouse – also ensuring all Storemen understand expectations. On the job training conducted daily to ensure effective running of warehouse.
  • Disciplinary and counselling to storemen
  • Weekly KPI Monitoring meetings held with all Key role members 
  • Implementing processes and procedures. Trials carried out once processes implemented before roll out to the entire warehouse.
  • Controls effected in all vital areas of the warehouse so as to curb ineffectiveness and clear visibility of processes
  • Cycle counts carried out to enforce stock accuracy and shortages flagged immediately to ensure 100%-line loading.
  • CIP projects in all areas of warehouse to enforce lean manufacturing processes.
  • 5-day safety stock system enforced- all the necessary items.
  • Cost saving drives – striving to stay below budget 
  • Work closely with production managers and production supervisors to ensure fabrications delivered on time to the warehouse. Send out to sub suppliers especially when there are multiple suppliers involved in achieving the final product for production line.
  • Ensuring production plans received previous week to prepare for following weeks’ line loading.
  • OTD is one of the crucial KPI’s of the company, Products that come from production line get booked into Finished Goods – packaged and then stored in Finished Goods Store – to facilitate faster delivery once invoice received from Sales.
  • Achieving On Time Delivery with minimal errors…breakages, shortages or incorrect products
  • Effective traceability of all items that leave the gate. – correct documentation for traceability.
  • Preparing for stock takes – communication to all stakeholders and ensure warehouse is ready 
  • Report on warehouse KPI’s in weekly management meeting.
  • Ensure warehouse provides 100% service to all customers- internally and externally.
  • Continuous communication with all supply chain personnel- to ensure efficiency. 
  • Budget forecast for warehouse
  • Management of Distribution and Transport

Mining / Pump Mnf:Inbound & Outbound & Inventory Materials Manager (Bulk Cross Border) Transport / Warehouse Manager From 2014-01 To 2016-01

Logistics Inbound and Outbound SAP EWM /R3 Interface

  • Receiving.
  • Binning and putaway.
  • Picking - Customers and production.
  • Despatching.
  • Cycle counting.
  • Warehouse HR issues.
  • Manage the warehouse inbound (receiving and putaway) 
  • Responsible for effective inventory control 
  • Manage the warehouse assets effectively and ensure that daily targets are met 
  • Responsible for the integrity of the warehouse stock 
  • Responsible for health and safety in the warehouse department 
  • Maintain high level of customer service 
  • Maximize labour and profitability 
  • Ensure all HSE and housekeeping requirements at the branch 
  • Adhere to Duty of Care Policy at all times 
  • Setting and ensuring that velocity is adhered to. 
  • Ensuring green areas and meetings are fulfilled. 
  • Overlook QC functions in the warehouse 
  • Aiming to enforce more lean operations within the warehouse.
  • Adhering to Safety Compliances
  • General Customer Service.
  • Responsible for effective stock control.
  • Responsible for health and safety in the warehouse department.
  • Maintain high level of customer service.
  • Maximise labour and profitability.
  • Ensure all HSE and housekeeping requirements at the branch.
  • Adhere to Duty of Care Policy at all times.
  • Responsible fo co-ordinating warehouse activities related to receiving, binning, picking and checking of parts as well as the receiving and issuing of Job Packs fo the assembling of pump units and Picking Lists for branches and exports.
  • Liaise with relevant internal stakeholders to resolve problems.
  • Manage, develop and motivate staff.
  • Assist in managing the physical layout of the warehouse.
  • Coordinate the Cycle Count function at the Warehouse department in order to ensure that procedures and processes are followed to provide an efficient service to internal customers.
  • Control the Cycle Count function of all warehouse stock
  • Responsible for effective stock control.

Purchasing / Supply Chain

  • Manage the cycle count staff effectively and ensure that daily targets are met.
  • Responsible for the integrity of the warehouse stock.
  • Report cycle count results to management.
  • Supervise, develop and motivate staff.

Engineering and manufacturing:Consulted As Procurement Manager. An Iso 9001 Company From 2010-06 To 2010-11
  • Ensuring new processes and procedures re: purchasing and warehousing to be implemented
  • Training staff.
  • Recruitment of new staff - training thereof.  
  • Re-planning warehousing including bin locations and updating system information 
  • Ensuring documentation matched and rectified for creditor payments.
  • Training o production and sales staff to adhere to stores regulations – documentation process for      each transaction between various divisions. 
  • Disciplinary action-as required
  • Stock counts – bulk counts- necessary investigations carried out.
  • Negotiations with suppliers re: price breaks and quantity vs price negotiations
  • Due to nature of the business- stock levels enforced – min/max levels.
  • Setting up meetings between various divisions and ensuring meetings carried out daily.
  • Preparation for audit functions – bi-annually.
  • Identifying and resolving problems within the procurement and warehouse divisions. 
  • Attending to staff issues.
  • Ensuring all procedures as per ISO 9001

Cat earthmoving equipment dealer for construction and mining equipment and genuine Cat parts.:Inbound Manager From 2010-01 To 2013-12
  • There was a need to upgrade this particular division in order to enhance the values of the company.
  • Earthmoving works is one of a very pressurized industry especially given the cost of time delays of broken equipment – therefore there is a constant need for one to be on top of it at all times. My sole function and responsibilities

Site and Reps

  • Manage the inbound and support teams within the warehouse as well as all related processes to ensure all customers parts requirements and expectations with regards to the delivery of parts are met. (Transport and distribution)
  • Currently working on EWM systems (Warehousing Module) (SAP System)
  • To provide clear purpose and direction through management of existing warehouse KPI’s and identifying new KPA’s.
  • Manage and evaluate all warehouse processes through continuous improvement
  • Manage and deliver customers parts as per delivery requirements so as to achieve and maintain long term customer relationship and service excellence.
  • Create and maintain a committed working environment
  • Implement and manage existing control with regards to safety and contamination control.
  • Promote teamwork within the warehouse
  • Supervise and monitor inbound stock and emergencies and attend to queries with supplier. 
  • Ensure on time delivery / collection, prompt binning so stock is available for orders.
  • Ensure that stock is binned correctly at all times so as to avoid nil picks.
  • Reduce lead times through constant monitoring of crossdock queus (emergencies) and picking queus.
  • Constant liasing with airfreight clerk to ensure prompt delivery of airfreight – there again ensuring delivery is within lead time.
  • Ensure that packing lists matched with parts and subsequently with a delivery note – ready when customer arrives for picking.
  • Ensure that all depot deliveries are sent timeously together with proper documentation.
  • Refer all short or damaged deliveries to claims clerk.
  • Manage overtime at all times – this is achieved by setting targets within the stock and emergency areas and ensuring that it is adhered to.
  • Redistribute work so as to achieve maximum workload with minimal overtime.
  • Supervise all overtime work to achieve maximum.
  • Evaluate work load and move staff to high volumes in order to assist and ensure completion of tasks within KPI benchmarks.
  • Improve service performance at all times.
  • Review IDP’s with all staff members – (individual development performance)
  • Management of warehouse related reports on SLA including contamination control
  • To ensure that SLA for warehouse is within the benchmark.
  • Arrange POP meetings with staff members – and follow up problems and resolving issues.
  • Arrange training for staff.
  • Lean thinking production systems.
  • Ensuring that all parts that cannot be dispatched from Crossdock area is investigated and thereafter dispatched. 
  • Ensuring that collection area or counter sales are properly managed including the yard area.
  • Attending all other department POP meetings so as to identify areas of weaknesses and rectify them.
  • Ensure that all areas have proper SOP’s in place – basically ensuring that processes and procedures are adhered to.
  • Identify KPA’s and formulating KPI’s for these areas.
  • Involving staff in meetings and updating them regularly as to how the teams are performing.
  • Identifying performance areas for each team and preparing balance score cards accordingly.
  • Running daily reports to ensure that all outstanding PO’s are being received so that the EWM daily measurements is within the required targets.
  • Follow up all emergency orders, with the relevant departments ,that are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer.

Cooling Towers (HVAC):Procurement Manager From 2007-03 To 2010-05

Responsible for the complete management of inventory.                             

  • Management of Logistics staff, warehouse, physical inventory and management of in-house system : supplier pricing updates, change  of supplier details, change of discount structures, lead times, special system  controls, freight and shipping tariffs, currency confirmation - changes  pertaining to products, categories and product specifications: Proper, accurate and timeous procurement, warehouse process functionality  and reporting aiding in  overall drive for excellent customer service


Key performance indicators

 Plan, co-ordinate and manage material requests, procurement, receipt, binning, issue and project stock allocation                            
Supervise operations and employees to cohesively achieve targets and required service levels  
Develop, maintain and manage relevant processes, policies and procedures for Logistical operational flow                                             
Ensure Documentation Management and reporting procedures: external/internal queries, warranty claims and maintenance recording 
Collate and action POD's/Invoices for timeous system processing affecting payments, credits, advance ordering models and accurate inventory write product demand from operations        Analyze reporting, processes, policies and procedures for development in improving efficiency levels throughout operations         
Communication and reporting to role players and departments within operations to assist in identifying problem areas and to improve internal and external service levels  
Arrange and supervise training for new/ current employees                      
Implement and manage reverse logistics f\operations flow 

Capital Equipment :Inventory Controller From 2006-7 To 2007-2

Customer Relations (End users)

  • Interact with end-users/consumers and familiarize with operational concerns and any inherent peculiarities 
  • Regular meetings with customers - proactively identify and address concerns 
  • Attend to and resolve end user queries


Supplier Relations (External)

  • Develop and maintain sound supplier relations and attend to supplier related queries Inventory Management: 
  • Dispose of redundant and obsolete stock 
  • Optimize Inventory levels commensurate with actual consumption through determination of effective maximum / minimum levels 
  • Monitor stock movement of new items and abnormal movement/ trends 
  • Supervise effective and safe stacking, storage and securing of inventory 
  • Ad-hoc Inventory functions (Expediting overdue orders service requisitions) 
  • Co-ordinate and control continuous stock process 
  • Perform periodic independent, stock counts

Office Furniture:Credit Manager/Warehouse Controller From 1998-02 To 2006-6
  • Receipt of orders from suppliers: system updating orders and recording
  • Verification of orders: as per ordering commodities and information
  • Effective document management
  • Allocation of material:  requested and purchased criteria and demand status
  • Material and quantity verification on stock movement- internally and externally
  • Assisting in issuing of material and control of deliveries 
  • Resolving queries and discrepancies: all aspects of the operation
  • Coordinating queries between accounts and dispatch departments

Motor Industry:Credit Controller From 1994-07 To 1998-01
  • Receipt of orders from suppliers: system updating orders and recording
  • Verification of orders: as per ordering commodities and information
  • Effective document management
  • Allocation of material:  requested and purchased criteria and demand status
  • Material and quantity verification on stock movement- internally and externally
  • Assisting in issuing of material and control of deliveries 
  • Resolving queries and discrepancies: all aspects of the operation
  • Coordinating queries between accounts and dispatch departments

Consumer Products - FMCG:Stats Administrator/Credit Controller From 1989-04 To 1994-10
  • Customer liaison
  • Balance brought forward system
  • Running of debtors department - supervision of 4 clerks
  • Approximately 250 accounts with a book value of R14 million
  • Reconciliation of debtors, balancing and close off of debtors at month end, balancing of debtors to general ledger
  • Telephonic Collection (Accounts)
  • Major accounts:
  • Pick ’n Pay
  • Sentra
  • Shield
  • Metro
  • Shoprite Checkers
  • O K Bazaars
  • Hyperama
  • Handing over of bad debts to attorneys and liaising with them
  • Opening of customer accounts on master file
  • Allocation of all payment, attending to all queries
  • Sanctioning of claims
  • Face to face client liaison
  • Ensuring credit limits are adhered to
  • Worked with foreign exchange documents
  • Dealt with customers - ( Nestle, Simba etc )
  • Cash allocations
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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