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Regional Transport Manager

Candidate: 24924
Available: Available
Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Regional Transport Manager
R0- R0
30 Days
Industrial Engineering

National Diploma Industrial Engine: Major Subjects Passed : Engineering Work-study and : Facility Layout and Material Handling
BTech Industrial Engineer:Major Subjects Passed : Quality Engineering : Project Engineering : Logistics Engineering
B-Tech Degree Quality and Systems :Major Subject Passed: ISO 9001:2008 Model Implantation and Auditing , Continuous Process improvement
Masters Programmed in Supply Chain Management:Major Modules: • Integrated Supply Chain Management • Distribution Management • Logistics Design systems and Management • Inventory Management • Road Transport Management
Grade 12:• Venda • English • Geography • Biology • Mathematics • Physical science
MS Word,E-Mail,Internet,MS Excel,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint
Courer:Regional Transport and Logistics Manager From 2005-10 To Current


Position: Regional Transport and Logistics Manager (2009 – Current )


 The management of:

  • Operations Fleet performance and effective Maintenance set systems to ensure effective fleet operations and compliance to Road Traffic Act ,(ARRTO)
  • Regional collection and distribution of mail
  • Containerisation of mail handling design
  • Inventory Management of different Containers used for mail handling , and ensure proper balanced
  • On time arrivals and departures of national trucks
  • National Distribution of mail items  network of both inbound and outbound operations
  • Assist supply chain management Centre (Material Distribution centre) with management of stock distribution strategy by proper consolidation packages and routing for delivering to both internal and external clients networks
  • Preparing and managing the total budget for the area of responsibility
  • Management of monthly cost of vehicles utilizations, staff and flexible labour in operationsManagement of the third party vehicles contract to ensure service standards is maintained and improved where possible
  • Arranging for the provision, erection and removal of mail post boxes
  • Identifying key challenges facing Transport and Logistics and designing and implementing appropriate measures to deal with deviations
  • Designing and implementations of service level agreements measurable , and transport costing model for different external clients and enforce management and review for continuous improvement during operations
  • Development of divisional business strategy to align or support the group strategy performance
  • Maintaining an effective information management system to support accurate planning and decision making ,through integrations with other business units cross-functionally
  • Quality management of Transport and Logistics operations in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing effective performance systems for subordinates and for regional distribution routes network
  • Maintain sound labour relations in the division  through enforcement of discipline, company policy compliance, and company values to the workforce
  • Implementing Continuous process improvement (route network optimizations, Packaging methods and Containers design, Consolidations Process of Mail Products)
  • Management of Products tracking systems and enforce system compliances in the operations
  • Implementing and maintaining OHSE Act at the operations area
  • Implementing and maintain ISO 9001:2008 ,total Management system in the division to comply to group operations strategy
  • Co-ordination of the Regional Cross-functional committees to achieve customer services compliance and delivery performance
  • Co-ordinate  regional customer complaints and implement corrective , preventive actions at the operations area through improvements of process operations supply value chain network
  • Project Leader for Regional Service delivery performance standards for operations improvement
  • Supporting sales on new customers product implementation plan and development of new distribution network and transport service cost structuring
  • Project Manage the operation continuous improvement  strategies by leading working task teams to ensure projects implementation as per customer requirements 


Logistics Operations Continuous Improvements Project:


  • Route design and Optimizations
  • Containers Design, and Handling methods design
  • Operations procedures designs for products handlings
  • Products launching and Processing designs
  • Transport Costing structure formulations for the clients
  • Transport Management information systems development and implementations
  • Regional Reporting Performance design and implementations


Position Held: Transport & Logistics Manager (2008 – 2009)


  • Managing regional collections and distribution operations
  • Management of both inbound and outbound operations network at the Loading /Off-loading Platform area
  • Management of Company Risk Management Policies and enforce compliance by the workforce
  • Implementation and Management of OHSE Act at the Operations area
  • Manage operations budget of the operations and continuously implements corrective actions for cost savings
  • Manage Regional Operations Fleet performance in accordance to set maintenance standards and Road Traffic  regulations Acts ( ARRTO)
  • Manage and implementation Total Management Systems , ISO 9001:2008 in the regional area
  • Continuously review products handling process to implement safety handling process and curb away products theft/loss/damages
  • Manage maintenance and erections of street letter posing boxes through locations/points design and integrations to route network flows
  • Involve with Facility design Project of new Postal Retail buildings and Depots  to integrated Transport & Logistics operations requirements
  • Continuously review route flow networks design to integrate with new Developed Postal network design
  • Implementations of  divisional strategy to ensure regional compliance performances , and also group performance
  • Manage skills performance and Training requirements for the workforce
  • Manage route network design to accommodate capacity level and Service Level Maintenance


Positions Responsibility:  Industrial Engineering (October 2005 –January 2008)


  •  Resources Planning and Control for Production areas of the Mail Centre
  • Conditional Monitoring and Maintenance of Automated Sorting Machines
  • Compiling of Machines Performance Overall Equipment Effective statistics stats for shift reports
  • Train Machines operators and shift supervisors on proper operations standards/procedure to achieve better Quality output and minimize machines downtime
  • Conduct Failure Mode Critical Analysis on the OEE shifts reports performances, and advice machines technicians on critical areas that requires attentions/corrective actions
  • Set up Machines spares storage Facility, and design procedures for stock level management and ordering policies
  • Design Proper Preventative Maintenance systems and procedure to be followed for the Sorting machines
  • Manage Machines costs budget on the months to month , and implement corrective actions of potential savings elements
  • Conduct Methods and Times studies for operations ,to develop;
  • Crewing Model of manpower requirement for different Shift
  • Improvement of Material flow process from different section to meet cut off-times and minimize Labour cots
  • Work Centre standards , and shift productivity output performance and shift reports by process supervisors
  • Development of skills balances requirement in the sections
  • Production Engineering Support to the Process Management by assisting with development and implementations of different project in the sections
  • Co-ordinate Cross functional meetings , to address quality performance challenges , and solutions development through use process fault findings , presentations, and assist with Implementations in the different sections
  • Development of business case documents for operational requirements to support implementations of the operations Quality solution
  • Floor space arrangement/design for maximum utilization of available space requirement for different functional purposes as required by process manages                             
  • Development of business case documents for operational requirements to support implementations of the operations Quality solution
  • Floor space arrangement/design for maximum utilization of available space requirement for different functional purposes as required by process manages                             

Steel manufacturing:Junior Trainee Manager From 2004-9 To Current
  • Attended a Module for First Line Managers, where emphasis covers theoretical and On-Job, and Practical work of:
  • Planning of the Day ,Weekly Production volume output of different products
  • Achieving of Production targets through capacity planning and products prioritizations
  • Enforcing discipline in the work place, and adherence to company policies
  • Identifications and preventative of production wastes , and devising strategies
  • Coordinating sectional weekly meetings and follow up actions plans


Material Handling Projects:

  • Development of work procedure/activity for the shift
  • Designing of temporary storage for WIP (Work In Progress) parts scheduling for machining
  • Floor space demarcations for material movement and finished products



  •  Development of Daily Machines breakdowns reports
  • Updating of Machines Preventative Maintenance schedule to ensure compliance
  • Assist with stock taking of machines spares parts in the machines stores
  • Monthly analysis of spares stocks quantity , costs usages, total downtime times performance reports

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Industrial Engineer Trainee From 2003-1 To Current
  • Time studies and Method studies for assembly lines
  • Methods improvement for products handling during assembly process
  • Fault Finding of quality problems of finished products
  • Workstations layouts design for improvement
  • Work Activities/Procedure review and update for assembly process

Energy - Gas:Assistant Production Planner From 2003-8 To Current
  • Daily and Weekly production Planning as per Sales Orders Requirements
  • Scheduling of productions machines
  • Co-ordinate Machines maintenance breakdowns
  • Ordering of machines consumable and spares parts
  • Conduct Material quality on receiving and update stock on Material Management Systems
  • Reviewing and update accuracy of bill material of products, costs requirements and products lead times in the use material management systems
  • Compiling Weekly productions report to Senior Management
  • Conduct times studies and methods studies for productions processes
Tshwane (Pretoria)
Pretoria Central
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs),Tshwane (Pretoria)
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