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Human Resources (HR) and Training Manager

Candidate: 33518
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Human Resources (HR) and Training Manager
R40000- R50000
ND: Human Resources Management

National Diploma - Human Resource Management (NQF Level 6):Human Resource Management and Business Economics, Training Management 1 & 2, Financial Accounting 1, Communication In English, Industrial Psychology 1, Industrial Relations 1 & 2, Labour law, Principles of Information Systems
Programme in Industrial and Organizational Psychology:
Grade 12:English , Afrikaans , Zulu, Mathematics , Accounting , Business Economics and Economics
MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Windows (basic),MS Access,MS Word
Government - Civil Service:Human Resource Trainee From April 1996 To September 1996
Six Months in Service Training

Recruitment and Selection-undertaking clerical tasks relating to recruitment in accordance with laid down procedures
Assist and advice job applications with queries relating to vacancies
Acknowledge receipt of applications timeously and correctly
Schedule applications received in response to advertisement using Quattro Pro
Arrange interviews & general HR functions i.e. leave, medical aid queries
Send out letter to un/successful applicants
Grievance / Arbitration- set up pre-arbitration
meeting/s and advice all parties concerned as per laid down procedure
Handle various IR matters
Keep grievance/arbitration statistics

Engineering Consulting :Manager Education and training From 2015-06 To 2018-11

1. The School Of Consulting Engineering

Internal Courses

  • Create and Implement training programme for each year (±150 courses per year)
  • Development of new courses
  • Liaising with Training Providers and managing SLAs (40 x Training Providers)
  • Create and Manage budgets
  • Marketing of courses
  • Training needs analysis

In-House Company Course

  • Liaise with Companies with regard to training requirements
  • Prepare quotes and manage process
  • Liaise and arrange Training Providers

2. The Training Centre

  • Oversee and manage staff and venue
  • Promote Training Centre

3. Manage staff i.e the Training Coordinator,bookkeeper, cleaner and adhoc staff

4. Develop And Implement Cesa’s – Certificate In Consulting Engineering

  • Develop and maintain Training Manual
  • Needs analysis / Research
  • Identify Courses and Training Providers
  • Develop new database to track candidate progress
  • Negotiate prices and dates with Training Providers
  • Create SLA with Training Providers
  • Book facilities and manage logistics
  • Facilitate the validate courses for CPD points
  • Liaison with ECSA re: accreditation

5. Validating Of CPD Courses

  • Liaise with clients
  • Find assessors to validate courses
  • Promote and market CPD Validation Service

6. Quality Management System (QMS) – Manager Representative For Quality (MRQ)

  • Implement and maintain CESA QMS system
  • Train and support staff with regard to setting up and maintaining their Unit’s QMS System
  • Prepare and arrange External Audit

7. HR Forum

  • Prepare Agenda and Minutes
  • Arrange relevant speakers for meeting
  • Facilitate relevant surveys
  • Central point for distribution of information

8. Education & Training Committee

  • Prepare Agenda and Minutes
  • Facilitate relevant surveys
  • Central point for distribution of information
  • Interact with the Department of Education

Representative on the following committees:

  • Bursary Committee
  • PEM Committee

10. LLLS / DVD – Engineers In Practice Series

  • Advise and arrange presenters for DVD “Engineers in Practice” Series

11. Member Of The CESA Quality & Risk Committee

  • Advise and implement training in the area of Quality & Risk Management

12. Marketing:
Promote and advertise:

  • School of Consulting Engineering
  • CESA Training Centre
  • CPD Validation Service
  • Liaise with Webmaster with regard to improving and developing the SCE website
  • Arrange professional brochures for the SCE and its courses
  • Visit HR Managers of medium to large firms
  • Promote CESA courses amongst other stakeholders / organisations

13. Training In Africa

  • Develop and Implement training courses in Africa, in conjunction with GAMA Secretariat
  • Obtain CPD accreditation for courses in relevant countries

14. Liaison With Other Stakeholders / Associations
15. External Training Programmes

  • Graduate Training Programme

16. Training Coordinator

  • Course Coordination
  • Pre- Courses
  • Cancellation of Courses
  • Venue Preparation
  • Post-Courses
  • Evaluations Forms
  • Financials
  • Payments – Delegates
  • Debt Collecting
  • Refunds
  • Purchase Orders
  • Website / Events Management System (Databases)
  • CPD Validation Service

17. School of Consulting Engineers Training Centre

  • Manage and coordinate Training Centre venue bookings
  • Monitor and supervise housekeeping staff
  • Administer external booking for Training Centre
  • Insure external clients get invoiced and payment is received before training
  • Budgeting and forecasting school income and Expenditure with a Profit that is in the excess of 4 million a year.

Computer - IT:Commercial Training & Development Manager / Skills Development Facilitator From 2010-10 To 2015-05


  • Report to HR Executive
  • Staff -4 learners report to me as well as the HR Team ( HR Officer, HR Administrator, Payroll Administrator, Receptionist) 
  • Supporting the HR Executive on all HR related issues
  • Act as the HR Executive when necessary: including sittings at EXCO and all EXCO related functions.
  • Chairperson of the Tasima Training Committee
  • Facilitate training and development needs identification for individuals, teams, departments and the company.
  • Obtain accreditation for the Company from applicable SETAs.
  • Provides an effective learning and development function through accountability for execution of L&D practices
  • Responsible for the implementation and measurement of learning and development methodologies and tools
  • Ensure effective stakeholder management and vendor management
  • Ensure effective implementation, management and measurement of training programs
  • Ensure Statutory Skills Development, ,BBBEE, EE Compliance and Corporate Governance
  • Develop all soft skills training courses including Performance management programs, Induction and managers toolkit for line managers.
  • Review and evaluate programmes and policies, and develop and implement new processes.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the compilation of the Workplace Skills Plan and the Annual Training Report.
  • Monitor and manage the implementation of the WSP.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the learnership programme, internships, short courses and individual development programmes.
  • Develop and implement a mentorship and coaching programme.
  • Develop a QMS for internal training and development interventions.
  • Perform research and make sound recommendations.
  • Formulate reports and compose correspondence.
  • Interpret legislation and regulations.
  • Render a Human Resource management and Training & development service to the organization.
  • Render a supply chain management service to the organization.
  • Perform a financial and administration service to the organization.
  • Ensure the formulation and development of HR and Training staff handbooks(including polices, strategies, processes, standards, guidelines and procedures)
  • Perform general HR & Training functions on the VIP HR Software Package (Job, Employee & Performance management, Skills Management)

Insurance - Brokering:Learning & Development Facilitator / Learnership Manager / Skills Development Facilitator From 2008-11 To 2010-09


Reported to Learning & Development Manager

Staff - 20 learners ( 5 in Durban,5 in Cape town and 10 in Johannseburg) and 1 Junior Learning and Development Consultant 


  • Prepare all course material i.e. Training manuals, assessments, evaluations forms, send out invitations and upload training registers and evaluation forms on the Q-Drive


  • Develop all soft skills training programs i.e. Time mgt, Conflict Assertiveness, Customer service for Managers and Staff


  • Effective facilitation and training of internal staff on all courses (Entry to Management level)
  • Presentation of training that is consistent with the training objectives and desired outcomes

Skills Development functions:

  • Cordinate and facilitate the compilation of the workplace skills plan and the annual training report according to stipulated INSETA standards and requirements.
  • Coordinate and facilitate learnership program for 2009 & 2010 20 and 30 learners respectively
  • Planning and the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan and other INSETA related services.
  • Liaising with stakeholders with regards to Learnership implementation
  • Facilitate the process of an ongoing Learnership analysis - annually
  • Manage and coordinate all learning interventions
  • Plan employee development (Learnerships)
  • Facilitate, manage and coordinate all HRD education, training and development interventions
  • Liasing, building and sustaining a relationship with INSETA and training providers
  • Book accommodation for the Learners
  • Handle the Learnership interview process
  • Handle Learner quires
  • Conduct ongoing communication between Mentors, training providers and Learners
  • Identify Learnerships and providers for 2010
  • Assess the effectiveness of training
  • Manage the Computer training vender i.e. Dynamix Solutions

Oil & Gas:Network Training Consultant and Skills Development Facilitator From 2002-02 To 2008-11


  • Reported to Learning and Development Manager
  • Staff - 75 training Champions based across SA and 5 Junior Network Training Consultants
  • Presenting training courses at service stations (75 service stations) and classroom level
  • Monitoring benchmark performance at each service station
  • Compile monthly status reports on the overall Service Station Network with regards to training, HSEQ and HR issues
  • Quarterly training strategies on under performing service stations to bring up the scores (Top Service)
  • Coordination, coaching and counselling of 6 junior trainers who specialize in various training such as Health & safety, service level standards and HIV/AIDS
  • Providing feedback to managers and dealers
  • Providing support and constantly evaluating recently trained delegates
  • Providing advice to 75 dealer networks regarding training courses e.g. content, target audience, availability of courses, delivery channels etc.
  • Conduct evaluation of delegates and make recommendations on learning approach to be adopted
  • Develop a skills strategy for the company/Dealers for a specific period
  • Assist in conducting surveys on what skills are needed
  • Assist the employer/Dealers and workers with the development of a workplace skills plan
  • Submit the workplace skills-plan to the relevant SETA
  • Advise the employer/Dealers on the implementation of the work skills-plan
  • Assist the employer/Dealers with the drafting of an annual training report against the approved workplace skills-plan
  • Advise the employer/Dealers on the quality assurance requirements as set by the relevant SETA
  • Also serve as a contact person between the employer/Dealers and the SETA

Also Worked As A Caretaker Business Advisor For 20 Dealers For  8 Months

  • Manage TOTAL's Retail Marketing network in area 401 & 311 (Cape town & Free State)
  • Assist and motivate dealers to maximize their sales objectives.
  • Monitor service stations with regard to performance and maintenance of standards.
  • Assist in the investigation of new network propositions and the conducting feasibility studies.
  • Submit monthly reports on inter alia, promotions and competitor activities


Pharmaceutical - Healthcare:Training Specialist From 2001-06 To 2002-01


  • Delivery of training from entry -level to management level ( soft skills modules)
  • Conduct evaluation of delegates and make recommendations on learning approach to be adopted
  • Provide assessment tools and guidance to line managers regarding staff development
  • Actively sell the benefits of training to get line management?s commitment
  • Research and develop course material in line with NQF in the field of Service Delivery and Systems Processes
  • Develop and design appropriate ease-aids and process flows for areas of research
  • Apply Adult Learning principles to course design and delivery
  • Maintain and build relationships with line managers and staff 
  • Conduct specialist workplace learning interventions where appropriate
  • Run pilot programs on new courses

Insurance - Brokering:Training Officer From 1996-10 To 2001-05


  • Research and Prepare Training material
  • Evaluate training needs
  • Organize training courses and venues
  • Maintain training records on UNIQUE
  • Counsel staff & managers on training requirements
  • Present training courses: - Soft skills; product knowledge & IT training ( Windows 95 , Ms Word , Ms Excel & PowerPoint) GOLD ( computer based product system?tailor made for Guardian National ) & Induction , telephone skills ,Assess transfer of learning to workplace & Provide post training support
  • Have knowledge of Skills Development Act and subscribe to Merseta?s newsletter.
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Johannesburg (CBD)
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