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Project Engineer

Candidate: 33801
Available: Available
Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Project Engineer
R40000- R50000
1 Calendar Month
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Industrial Engineering (NQF7)

National Diploma in Industrial Engineering:Industrial Engineering
B.Tech Industrial Engineering (NQF7) :Industrial Engineering
Advanced Programme in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management :
Programme in Business Management :
Grade 12:Tshivenda, English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science, Agricultural Science
AS 400,Microsoft,MS Access,MS Word,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,KPI,MPS,SAP,MRP III,Typing 100 w.p.m.,3G,MRP (Materials Requirement Planning),E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Cellular Phones,Lotus Notes,Visio,Windows (basic),Autocad
Chemical Manufacturer:Demand Planner From 2015-01 To Current
  • Updating of the ABCD classification in conjunction with Sales and Supply Chain and informing all relevant parties about changes.
  • Check and summarize the forecast values and uploading it into Syspro.
  • Controlling and reporting on the forecast quality and defining the procedures to optimise it.
  • Organizing the priority decision process in case of delays in production or in case of delayed purchase orders or in case of changes in demand.
  • Control of inventory values/inventory coverage of all materials in conjunction with Supply Chain Manager and Procurement Manager.
  • Check on time deliveries in conjunction with Supply Chain Manager and presenting action plans to reduce further delays.
  • Development of rough production plan on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Plant Manager and Planning Administrator, based on MRP suggested jobs.
  • Monitor inventory and supply plan against sales forecast.
  • Control of inventory level and demand of imported finished goods. 
  • This will be done on a weekly basis in conjunction with Sales. 
  • Status of the orders to be reviewed on a weekly basis with Purchasing.
  • Control of inventory level and demand of critical, imported raw materials. 
  • Status of the orders to be reviewed on a weekly basis with Purchasing.
  • Monitoring branches stock levels and generate SCT to replenish branches stock in conjunction with Distribution manager.
  • Monitoring customer orders and devises priority decision to reduce backlog in conjunction with customer service and production.

Consumer Products - FMCG:Production Planner and Supply Planner From 2007-04 To 2014-12
  • Develop and execute product demand plans to meet organization goals.
  • Also have to control the stock going through production to maintain a good level of stock rotation.
  • Participate in S&OP meetings to track and proactively prioritize critical products
  • Ensure connectivity to manufacturing by aligning manufacturing capacity/capabilities and material availability
  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure adequate supply maximizing service level as well as identify risk from excess inventory. Identify trends at the SKU level through ABC analysis, point-of-sale data and account usage reports
  • Identify opportunities to meet customer demands during constrained supply.
    Develop stock transport order from main sales plant to the different warehouses.
  • Work with customers, sales team and supply chain management to improve forecast accuracy
  • Monitors, identifies and coordinates other internal and external inventory locations to improve supply efficiency and order fill rate
  • Maintain statistically generated forecasts and related algorithms and parameters.
  • Work with Sales/Marketing groups to monitor and adjust forecasts on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Develop and issue back order report to supply chain and sales team on the weekly basis


Production Planner - 2007/04 to 2012/01

  • Planning – Processes MRP and ABAP Program weekly, assesses production  requirements and alter in accordance with extra ordinary requirements (SR”s special orders, etc.) compiles and agrees with production for weekly production plan and follow-up meeting for daily production output performance. Production Controller sequences the approved production plan.
  • Process Orders – Uses SAP/MRP to issue process orders against approved production plan for timeous pre-weigh of raw materials. Confirmation of process orders and check produced quantity, scrap factor and parts, transfer parts where applicable. Check process order variances after confirmation.
  • Discuss process order variances with supply chain manager using the process order costing report on cost analysis. Expediting produced stock where delays or out of stock are obvious, to relay delays/progress on backlogs to sales orders division. Follow up the outstanding process orders has been gone through quality inspection and production (Assist in follow up). Implement supply/demand balance requirements to meet customer needs. Track and monitor transport/warehouse performance in meeting customer needs. Daily tracking of customers order and delivery schedules. Coordinate logistics activities between company, transporter, warehouse and terminals.
  • Support supply chain operations initiatives through data analysis and implementation of action plans.
  • Resolve operational planning issues and conflicts and escalate as appropriate. Prioritizes and completes daily operational activity based on functional or business goals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of supply chain principles, systems and processes in solving logistics issues.

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Junior Industrial Engineer From 2005-05 To 2005-08
  • Time studies (measuring the cycle time for repairing the paint damages on the car from paint shop and measuring the line speed for the conveyers to move a car from one station to the next)
  • Design standard time( measuring the total cycle time for manufacturing of the car in order to reduce the time to execute one unit)
  • Process lay-out and assembly line balancing
  • Inventory control and storage ( verification of parts in the bin and binning of parts in different bins)
  • Labour verification from one work center to the other and verification of the total operators in paint shop and body shop.

Pharmaceutical - Healthcare:Production Supervisor From 2005-09 To 2006-02
  • Plan, control and organize production on the daily basis
  • Leading, controlling and directing six production operators from manufacturing, packaging and store room
  • Production scheduling, creating satisfactory and safe working environment
  • Issuing of the production job cards to production
  • Reconciliation of the work done and total quantities produced
  • Report to the production manager on the daily production progress
  • Ensuring that equipments and raw materials are available for production on time
  • Ensuring that daily production targets are met
  • Distribution and scheduling of labours from one station to the other
  • Time studies, process lay-out and quality control

Manufacturing:Materials Planner and Production Scheduler From 2004-07 To 2004-12
  • Implementation and maintenance of the MRP system
  • Creating sales orders (processing and plan work orders)
  • Running MRP
  • Creating purchase orders from the system
  • Creating job cards and issuing the to production according to schedule from MRP system
  • Receiving final goods from production and storing them to final goods store room
  • Updating stock level (making sure that the level on the system is the same with level in store room)
  • Shipping final goods (plan for deliveries and making sure that they deliver to customer on time )
  • Production scheduling according to priority 
  • Updating the system ( capturing statistical data on to the system)
  • Organizing an leading production meeting
  • Liaison with customers (ensuring that customer service level is met)
  • Time studies ( measuring components run time in the machine and manual labours, machine setup time and dismantle time)
  • Managing and changing all the bills of material (BOM) 
  • Assistant quality inspector ( inspecting components after production according to schedule)
Tshwane (Pretoria)
English,North Sotho,Zulu
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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