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Purchasing Manager

Candidate: 47895
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Purchasing Manager
30 Days
Purchasing and Supply Chain Unisa 2016; Advanced Purchasing and Supply Chain Management UNISA 2018

Purchasing and Supply Chain:Advanced Programme in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Diploma Level 7 Advanced Level
Management and Industrial Skills:Supervisory Development programme
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management:Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Advanced Programme - Completed 2 ND Programme Supply Chain Management
Leadership & Management Programme:Inventory, Bill of Materials, WIP, Planning , Syspro
:Leadership & Management
ISO 9001,Wifi,FMCG Mainframe,Internet Marketing,Crystal Reports,Encore,Great Plains,Mainframe,Accsyss,MS Excel,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Lotus Smartsuit,KPI,Adobe Flash,Social Media,Syspro,SAP,Harvard Graphics,Quattro Pro,Typing 50 w.p.m.,Wordpro,3G,MRP (Materials Requirement Planning),Facebook Ads,BAAN,E-Mail,Internet,Windows (basic),Microsoft Dynamics Nav Advanced,Microsoft Dynamics NAV Basic,Navision ERP,MS Access,MS Word,MFG Pro,APOLLO
Leading manufacturers ofechanical seals, seal supply systems, packing, gaskets, and couplings.:Supply Chain Manager From 2015-05 To Current

Procurement from ground level to EXCO level.

Total demand and supply of inventory and purchasing for all branches

Demand planning for all inventory procurement and sales

Lean Manufacturing 

Responsible for total Supply Chain Management Cost saving and Budgets.

Manage ERP and MRP systems

Data analysis - sales and inventory planning  - Approving vendors and items - Daily ops meetings  to decide on planned and unplanned work - Manage Technical Procurement team - Overseas and local Purchasing - Freight  and all aspects of Shipping- Manage ERP system with planning and updating vendor stats - BBBEE Vendors database -Signing PO's and vendor Management - Contracts and Tenders - Weekly shipments from Germany. Meet performance goals for cost savings, Procurement, Inbound and Outbound shipments, Sourcing,Negotiating Prices, Planning etc.







Chemical / Cleaning products:Procurement/Supply Chain From 2012-05 To 2015-04

Sourcing locally and globally to manage and improve current supply chain

Non stock purchases and inventory control

Responsible for Supplier Management and development

Implementing and enforcing procurement policies and procedures

Accpac Purchase Orders

SLA - I negotiate and enter into service level agreements with current and new suppliers.

Negotiate better payment terms

Ensure our company is buying the best possible quality product / service at the best possible price.


My job initially started as the Buyer for the Hygiene Division - we are 9 divisions and growing.  With the improvements I have implemented in the Procurement processes, the Company has decided to let my boss and I handle the group Procurement.  This includes a successful fleet maintenance tender for the entire group,  I am currently concluding a travel tender with a budgeted spend of ZAR10MM for the entire group.  The tenders I run are complicated and may decisions cannot be based on price alone.  I believe a service provider must provide the whole package, price, quality, capacity, service and ethical relationships.


I Have attached my latest appraisal as a reference from my boss.  Examples of my work (Confidential data excluded) are available on request.

Pumps / Mining:Purchasing & Supply Chain Officer From 2010-9 To 2012-03

Responsible for tenders and contracts
Compiling of all costs
Reports & enquiries on tenders
Create Procurement process for tender systems to maintain strategic procurement policies.
Source vendors, verify vendors
Send out request for informations
Request for quotations.
Shortlist vendors.
Run trials with samples.
Negotiate contract term and conditions and best possible prices.
MRP. Promote BB-BEE procurement.
managing purchasing policies and procedures and rolling out throughout different departments
Working with engineering drawings
Audit suppliers by going on inspection visits with technical people and assessing suppliers
for technical capabilities
Compliance of all vendor application documentation
Negotiating with suppliers
Been shortlisted to become a key user for SAP in 2014.


Retail - Wholesale:Purchasing Officer From 2007-5 To 2009-8

Procurement Management

To manage the portfolio namely Paint and Flooring.
Sourcing, negotiating and listing suppliers for our 174 stores with a view to increase the number of stores.
Maintaining selling prices as per benchmarks set by Management.
Ensuring we are the lowest cost in the market therefore constant market research is essential.
Space management for my range of products at store level.
Implementing the new IT system for the Procurement department (part of the team).
Supply chain management.
Achieving the company’s Strategic Procurement Objectives by negotiating trade agreements including rebates, free
Stock and payment terms.
Ensuring correct items are advertised in our leaflets.

When I started at Cashbuild I only had FMCG Procurement experience and no retail but within 6 months I was able to contribute tremendously to the Gross Contribution by listing the correct products and maintain the correct margins.
I have proved myself to such an extent that I was given the Paint Portfolio when the PM for this portfolio resigned and to date I have reached my targets by implementing changes never done at Cashbuild before - this was a huge project for me and I am proud to say I have been successful thus far.
Cashbuild is an extremely successful company (see our results) and I enjoy working for such a successful company and being part of the core team that makes this happen, however, I am open to other opportunities if they arise.

FMCG:Purchasing Controller From 2005-7 To 2007-5

To manage part of the IM&S supplier contract process to ensure the competitive advantage for the company and to meet specific needs in terms of the cost and quality of goods and services supplied in accordance with Global Procurement procedures.
MRP. To manage the Packaging Portfolio and concentrate on the IM&S for Business Unit only.
Achieved productivity of ZAR187k/a (21%) by re-negotiating the Artisan contract.
Achieved productivity of ZAR93k/(33%) by reviewing service schedules for Effluent plant.
Achieved productivity of ZAR5k (20%) by reviewing garden service contract.
Achieved productivity of ZAR38k (43%) by reviewing Effluent plant chemical supply contract and maintenance schedule.
Achieved productivity of ZAR47k (42%) by setting up a maintenance contract and in-house training sessions for the Boiler room maintenance.
Achieved productivity of ZAR100k (100%) by reviewing payroll service contract and replacing their agreement with our standard contract eliminating escalation fees and including a start and end date.
Achieved productivity of ZAR233k (60% )pa for 3 years on transaction fees for travel by including ourselves in the Global travel tender run by our parent company and using this to leverage better prices from an approved local agency.
This involved stakeholders buy-in, explanation of processes to administrators, continuous training and supplier evaluation.
Reducing recruitment agency fees to 15% for all functions on broad spectrum recruitment.
Concluding the IS tender for Kraft Foods together with the IT department. (Tough one!)
Negotiating with suppliers and running tender process from initiation to distribution.
Taking over the Packaging portfolio from the Packaging manager as he has been promoted to Procurement Manager.

When I started here in July 2005 there were no contracts in place for Indirect Materials and Services.
Procurement processes were new to the company and controls had to be put in place.
I was instrumental in rolling out these procedures together with our Board of Management and Compliance Manager.
Achieving productivity is an ongoing objective for our department and ensuring that the Purchasing policies and procedures are followed at all times in my responsibility.
I believe I have successfully implemented this and I will continue to encourage the different functions to follow these rules strictly in order to achieve best overall value for our company.
In the past few months there was a position available for a Packaging Manager and our Global Procurement Director (who is based in Dubai) spent a week with our department in July 2006.
After the week he has decided that I would be most suitable to handle both the BU IM&S and Packaging.
This is a lateral move but the opportunity for gaining excellent experience is brilliant.
The reason I am keeping my options open is due to the fact that I am thinking 5 years ahead and I have reached the ceiling in my career at Kraft.

Tobacco industry - FMCG:Materials Controller / Planner MRP From 2000-1 To 2005-6

Strategic planning and purchasing for key packaging, raw materials and contract packed finished goods in terms of minimising inventory investment, maximising customer service and minimising costs with due consideration to buyer development
Project management and maintaining system integrity.
MRP. Achievements
Reduced inventory levels.
Implemented bin card system in warehouse.
Sourced strategic materials in the East and achieved productivity in excess of ZAR1MM over 1 year.
Managed warehouse staff of 6.
Responsible for planning, expediting, negotiating prices with suppliers and issuing to Production

Extruder of Rigid Plastics Sheeting:General Accounts Clerk From 1998-1 To 1999-12

Was responsible for all accounts functions from creditors, debtors to General ledger.
I controlled a petty cash of R15000
I did Accsys wages on a weekly basis when required.
My responsibilities included graphs on sales figures and reports to management on sales analysis.

Engineering:Data Base Administrator From 1995-1 To 1997-12

This was a relatively small engineering company
My responsibilities included data processing, job cards, sales analysis (graphs and figures), wages, stationery
Work in progress reporting.
I learnt about production issues and job cards at this company.

Market Researching:Stats Research Officer From 1991-1 To 1994-12

AC Nielsen is a market research company
I gained valuable experience here first as a Stats Clerk then a Research Officer.
I collated and processed data at high volume
This Company gave me the analytical skills and attention to detail skill.
Figures which we supplied affected our client’s decisions therefore accuracy was of utmost importance.
I acquired excellent computer skills.

Consumer Products - FMCG:Stats Clerk From 1989-1 To 1990-12

This was my first job after school
I was fortunate enough to have excellent training in one of the country’s leading Corporate.
My duties were basic office
I worked for the Sales Manager doing admin for the Sales department.

Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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