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2 Arbroath Road, HQ Bedfordview, 2008, South Africa.
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Candidate: 49288
Available: Not Available
Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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R20000- R30000
Trade Tested- Diesel Mechanic

N5:Afrikaans First LanguageEnglish Second LanguageEngineering (nsc)Drawing N3Motor Trade Theory N3Engineering Science N3Mathematics N3Engineering Drawing N4Mechano Technics N4Engineering Science N4Mechanical Drafting & Design N5Mechano Technics N5Strength of Materials & Structures N5Computer Aided Drafting N5 .
A+:A+ desktop support.
Grade 11:Afrikaans,English, math,science, motor , and technical drafting.
MS Word,MS Excel,MS Outlook,E-Mail,Internet,A +
Lawn Mower Repair Service:Workshop Manager From 2012-02 To 2017-10

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

The repairs and maintenance of outdoor power products including large industrial units

Scheduling of drivers

Workshop counter and administration booking in and out of units

Key Achievement

Worked successfully with ExCo, Apprentice team, Suppliers and Clients

Airline - Aviation:Diesel Mechanic From 2010-06 To 2011-09

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Maintenance and repairs of airport ground support vehicles

Maintenance and repairs of cargo lifts and Medium and Large Boeing and

Airbus tugs including repairs on complex hydraulics.

Key Achievement

Skills Development: Electrical & Hydraulic systems

Consulting:Technical Advisor From 2007-03 To 2009-09

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Wesbank First Auto Technical Advisor

Maintenance management of number of large corporate fleets in South Africa

Key Achievement

Raising a significant level of savings to a multitude of fleets across South Africa

Oil Refining - Petroleum - Drilling:Garage Manager From 2005-08 To 2007-02

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Managing 30 employees across diverse job levels and role responsibilities

Managing Car Wash division and Retail section

Key Achievement

Skills Development: Business Administration and Accounts Management

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Sales Co-ordinator From 2004-09 To 2005-06

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Coordinating sales for 25 retail outlets of N1 4X4

Coordinating internal sales and fitments

Key Achievement

Establishing Business relations with nationwide retailers

Service:Technician From 2003-04 To 2004-08

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Technical installation of Merlin Sunscreen Systems, London, UK

Assembler of computer hardware systems and some computer programming

Supervision of degassing for European Metal Recycling, London, UK

Key Achievement

Implementation of effective operational procedures

Service:Computer Support Assistant From 2000-08 To 2002-01

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Software & Hardware installations and replacements for CITA Desktop Services

Support and upgrades to end users

Key Achievement

Installation and Systems Data Migration: literally on thousands of new computers

Automotive:Diesel Apprentice From 1997-04 To 2000-01

Managing and coordinating the following key areas:

Rebuilding engines, gearboxes, differentials on Samil 20, 50, 100; Bedford (Petrol &

Diesel); Land-rover

Complete overhaul and re-wiring of electrical systems 2000

Key Achievement

Solely responsible for ground-up rebuilding of number of vehicles

Tshwane (Pretoria)
Pretoria East
Tshwane (Pretoria)
Not Available
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