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IT Support Manager

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Location: eThekwini (Durban)
Gender: Male
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IT Support Manager
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1 Calendar Month
Microsoft International Exams for MCTS, MCTIP

Computer Operation:
Personal Computer Operation and Desktop applications In Visual Basic 6.0 - 2001:
Network and P.C Technician:MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)
Microsoft International Exams for MCT,MCTS M.C.P, M.C.A.D and M.C.S.D:
Certified webmaster (CIW) and database administrator:
Microsoft International Exams for MCTS, MCTIP:
Wifi,Windows 10,Microsoft,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,E-Mail,Internet,Windows,MS Access,MS Word
Computer - IT:Senior Software Developer From 2017-12 To Current

Xcallibre integrates Digital pens ,mobile phones,and other technologies to help organisations with mobile workforces to transform their efficiency and productivity , and enhance customer service. the mobile and digital pen and paper technology is offered using Anoto Functionality – a simple but sophisticated process that enables users to write out digitized forms or capture on mobile devices , before transmitting data electronically  to Xcallibre secure servers ( X-Station) and then have this sent on to their own computer system.

Work with the following software applications : Zoetic , ASH , PPS, Pre PLS and paper SDK . These applications are used to run the Digital pen process.

  • Write, modify, and debug software for client applications.
  • Use source debuggers and visual development environments.
  • Translate business requirements into technical specifications and help manage project priorities and timelines.
  • Test and document software for client applications.
  • Guide and review work of junior engineers.
  • Documentation on software upgrade 

Computer - IT: Software developer and System Analyst From 2016-08 To 2017-11

AgileNorth  does  SYSPRO  financial software application for 93 companies  such as Hesto Harness, Astrapak, Consupack,  Jasco ,Cape craft, GE Can and Johnson Workwear  etc. Companies are based in various other provinces as well. I am involved with day to day issues that arise from these various companies and maintenance of the application - PLANNING, DESIGNING, CODING, TESTING, DEPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT.

 (Complete OOP life cycle)

Application  Involves  data capture (CRUD) reporting SSRS(rdlc) and Crystal Reports(syspro) ,inquiries, authorization, order forms, Stock Control, Delivery status, Reference number generating, Currency capturing , Trade manager, Branch comment, Branch Detail........Service Development Manager, pdf reports and updates, importing and exporting of CSV files various business Tariffs.

This is done using Web application  AspC   and using Master pages and user interface using Ajax, JavaScript .  Published in IIS Server

This project involved business logic (BLL) and Data Access Layer (DAL) and Supporting folders (Framework, References), Source code maintain by SVN (Subversion),Bit BucketJIRA,, TFS (Team foundation server) and Branching

Database Designing (Normalization)

Completed a project in MVC 5, Which is a mobile application, Coding based on C# is business rules and GUI with and Javascript , database with SQL 2016

Coding with C# AND ASP.NET using .NET 2013 v 4.5, Share point 2013, Entity Framework (EF), MVC 5, SQL 2016 database and SSRS 2010 business intelligence.


Job Role:

  • Design components and applications in accordance with specified architectural design.
  • Liaise with business users to obtain business requirements
  • Define scope, tasks and duration of the solution based on business requirements.
  • Develop, enhance and maintain applications based on specifications received.
  • Write well efficient code according to technical specifications.
  • Design and write test cases for developer testing and document the system specifications.
  • Conduct  necessary testing (Stress, Integration and Unit).
  • Create the release by building the application, documenting it and setting up the configuration.
  • Migrate applications into applicable environments.
  • Conduct post implementation monitoring.
  • Complete and maintain relevant documentation.

Daily Activities with team

  • Analytical
  • Goal orientation
  • Communication
  • Planning and organising
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Applying business knowledge
  • Obtaining and processing information           

Shipping:Software Developer From 2011-06 To 2015-12

Working contact with branches in US ( Kansas), Columbia, Argentina and  Isle of man . We have a team of 8 Members (1 Technical and I.T Director, 3 developers and 1 business analyst , 2 System Administrators , 1 Desktop Technician). I work with all of them with minimal amount of supervision.

Assisting Finance director or charted accountants for balancing and verifying their accounts sheet using SSIS.

Assist end users with ‘User Acceptance Testing’ for re-configurations and bespoke tools. Maintain user manuals, in   conjunction with operating department staff. Created Share point 2013 to run SSRS 2005 business reports relevant to Seaboard that was created for various department such as Trading, Operations, Logistics, Accounts, HR and Management. Had to create this adapting the companies business rules and policies following study and analysis of the business.

Created and managed web parts, page layout and customization of sites using SharePoint 2013. Designed monthly newsletter for the company that is used globally in all branches of SEABOARD. Created website for the HOSPITAL in Congo which SEABOARD financially assisted in building - 


  • Worked with various business groups while developing their applications, assisting in database design, installing SQL Server clients, phasing from development to QA and to Production environment.
  • Using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for data extraction, transformation and loading. USED SSIS tools like Import and Export Wizard, Package Installation, SSIS Package Designer.
  • Planned, designed and implemented application database code objects, such as stored procedures, triggers, cursors, tables, views ,functions, joins and statements for applications.
  • Implemented techniques like backups, restore, clustering, replication.
  • Meet the SLA (Service Level Agreement) established.
  • Day-to-day administration of live SQL Servers
  • Implemented performance tuning by implementing suitable optimizations and appropriate indexes and keys.
  • Used System monitor, event log viewer, SQL profiler, SQL analyzer to monitor and tune the performance of SQL server.
  • 8Involved in Administration of Share Point Services. Involved in Design and Development of the Share Point     server and installed and configured servers in the Share Point farm.
  • Planned the Complete Backing up of Database and Restored the Database from Disaster Recovery / Merge Replication.
  • Capacity Planning – Analyzed the Database Growth and reported future space requirements.
  • Security Management – Handling Roles, Users, Logins and granting the Rights.
  • SET UP  SSRS AUTOMATION – for email.
  • Developed User Documents for the users.
  • Developed an application called SEABOARD IMPORTER which downloads commodity market values from JSE  into the remote computers XL sheets which then gets inserted into SQL database so Traders can view prices from SSRS 2005. This application was done with C#. Visual studio 2008 .This application was created to work in windows XP and windows 7.


A leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions.:Senior Software Déveloper From 2010-11 To 2011-06

Joined a team of Developers to upgrade Existing Ware House                                                             

Management system and Mavso Engineering Systems serves over 40 users ranging from various departments in the Company

The program  MAVSO is  done  in C# 2008 version Which  includes Winform , Webform ,SQL 2005 Database, SQL Reporting Services…and was appointed to develop,maintain and add new features according to the company requirements

Reports :

Responsible for  for weekly ,monthly and completed item reports. 

Maintain the reports, Using 2005 SQL Reporting services.

Developed a series of crystal reports  linked to warehouse management

Dealing with stock in various warehouses. Oracle database is the foundation Of crystal reports.

Familiar with TOAD ( Sql for Oracle) program which is used for thecompanies warehouses. It has various databases and tables such as Mainstock,Reniees,Warehouse,Bay.Etc.

Actively involved in WPF ( windows Presentation Foundation ) and LINQ (Language intergrated query) in the programs using.

Standby on a weekly  basis which is rotational .

Involved in the day to day troubleshooting and re-designing   additional items for Rennies and BPO (Bidfreight Port Operation company ) Mavso and SES ( Supply export Services )

Involved in a new project …..Migrating data from VB6 to .net  ( using C# )   It has More than 50 Applications

Financial Services:Senior Software Déveloper From 2010-02 To 2010-10

Was employed to join a team of Developers in UPGRADING the ERP system

From MIDAS to EQUATION with 11 MODULES (EFT, Home loans, Credit Management ,Management account, Dividends, User Admin, Crystal Reports..)

The ERP system was done in C# AND VB....WITH a SQL DATABASE 2005.

Daily ERP TOOL – Crystal reports


Project 1 (Direct Transact – Absa Deposit)

Project 2 (BLC – Daily Balance)

Project 3 (IST- Inter System Transfer)

Project 4 Albaraka online application

Project 5 Batch equation

Project 6 ATX (Advance Transaction)

Project AFS  (Albaraka Financial System )


Interface: .Net Framework 2.0

Database   :     MS SQL 2005, language C# and  and Crystal Reports X1

Responsibilities               :

Analyzing and designing the system through understanding and interpretation of BUSINESS FUNCTIONS.

Developing and integrating the system modules within ASP.NET(2003-2005),VB.NET,EXCEL VBA, Crystal Reports 9/10/11,SQL 2000/2005 environments

Planning ,building and implementing dynamic web based systems, internal business applications, e-commerce type systems ,financial systems and content management systems within strict guidelines

Testing the modules as per user requirements

Contribution towards the creation of suitable Policies, procedures and standards for development relative Disaster Recovery Processes

Integration of applications with Windows Server and Desktop environments within LAN /WAN configuration

Application of software architectures (application layers),design, organisation, use and programming of databases incorporating SDLC methodology.


Computer - IT:Freelance From 2009-09 To 2010-01

Work Freelance and have concentrated on Software Development and Computer Networking.

Lectured from time to time at IT Intellect, New Horizons, IT Clinic and Rosebank College.

Project :Point of Sale System

Clients  :NITSAK


Team: 4

Modules: 4 (Grv, Sales, Supplier, Debtors, Stock, Till, Pricing, Ware House, MM)

Interface:De1phi and .Net Framework


Responsibilities               :

Analyzing and designing the system

Developing and integrating the system modules

Testing the modules as per user requirements

Manage the database as per the user requirements

Project Summary:

This is full Point of sales system, followed by ERP and CRM Technologies.

The Software can be used in any business it is an offline and online program fully secured by the Administrator.

Software is a comprehensive and fully integrated point of sales and accounting package which covers all aspects of a retail business and because of its modular design, those functions not required can be excluded from selected menus.

All modules interact seamlessly whereby a transaction generated in any module would be automatically filtered to other modules thus ending up in the cash book and general ledger.

Project :Transport costing system

Clients:KK Gaddam

Software Developer


Modules:4 (Customer Module, Costing Module, Transaction Module, Accounting Module)

Interface: .Net Framework 2.0

DB: MS SQL 2005

Reporting Tools                : Crystal Report

Responsibilities               :

Analyzing and designing the system

Developing and integrating the system modules

Testing the modules as per user requirements

Manage the database as per the user requirements

Project Summary:

This system will tell the user the total cost of loading goods for trucks.  The software is able to provide – total cost, kilometres, labour cost, fuel cost, estimated travel time.

It also features an invoicing system as well as an accounting system.

Project : World Skill Competitions

Senior .Net Developer


Technologies     :               .NET Framework 2.0 ASP.NET  /C#,MS  SQL 2005  Webservices, HTML / CSS,ADO.NET

Responsibilities               :

Assist the database team to Design and develop systems and procedure for monitoring and maintaining the Microsoft infrastructure in order to improve reliability and efficiency

Assist with the management of controlled implementation of new software including software tools and the migration of software to the user acceptance test environment and to the live environments

Assist with development and implementation of IT security policy. Identify security breaches and dangerous practices, security exposures that could compromise database

Monitor and report on system backups, disk growth, data access, CPU Performance and hardware failures

Manage files (Tables), data sets, access paths and indexes across systems

Attach data from other databases, writing store procedure using Transact SQL

Developing reports using Microsoft Excel and Crystal Reports

Project Summary:

Data entry for student and download files, exchange information between students.

Enter Student information, create username and password, automatic confirmation via e-mail and download page.

SQL Database as a back-end, retrieve, information as a front-end using

Training centre:Senior IT Lecturer From 2007-08 To 2009-08

Taught all Microsoft courses as per my certification which includes 60 courses such as:

SQL server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance

Advanced Data Access and Web Development with Visual Studio 2005

Visual C# .Net, ASP.Net Web Applications

ADO.Net Programming

Development of XML Web serves

Students were employees from companies such as Derivco, Standard Bank, Mondi, Smith Manufacturers, RMB, Durban Port Authorities, GE Fanuc and Gencentric

Was also involved with software development for my employers CRM project and maintenance of IT Intellect website.

Education - Training:Senior Computer Lecturer From 2006-04 To 2007-07

Lecturing programming and a variety of subjects:           

MCAD (Microsoft certified Application Developer)          

MCSD (Solution Developer)

MCDBA (Database Administrator) (System Engineer)

CIW (Certified in Webmaster)

A+ N+

On a part-time basis I developed a website:

Project : Student Management


Modules: 4 (Student Profile, Student Payment, Student Courses and

Student Stock Books)

Responsibilities :

Analyzing and designing the system

Developing and integrating the system modules

Testing the modules as per user requirements

Training of client Personnel

Project Summary:

The student Sales data from CSV format to SQL Database to automatically check Students Payment and outstanding amounts.

Monitor stocks-IT books.

The system is done to generate reports by Student Id. Number and category wise.

Employment - HR:Bank Employee From 2005-04 To 2006-02

Was placed in the following hospitals: Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte and Chelsea & Westminister

The jobs involved basic office work and data entry, which due to qualification and experience was able to fill the jobs with short notice, as I did not need orientation

Oil Refining - Petroleum - Drilling:Assistant Manager From 2004-10 To 2005-01

Maintain the shop as an Assistant Manager

Cash collecting

Preparing monthly duty rosters for staff members

Configuring and installing printers, scanners, modems and other hardware

Setting up user profiles and managed the network security and backup system

Fashion:1st Line Technical Support Advisor and Database Developer From 2003-05 To 2004-06

Resolve technical queries regarding client’s network connections, trouble shooting client issues:

Email setup

Modem configuration

Portal activation

Loss of synchronization

Slow speeds

Intermittent connection

Interference in the line

Visiting branch sites and collecting relevant information from all the machines (PC) which was critical for the project to determine whether the machine needed to be upgraded in order to run XP

Data gathered from these audits was then entered into MS Access database and reviewed as required

Technical support such as ensuring anti virus protection, support and installation of MS Office

Troubleshooting, support 2000/2003 (in Active Directory) workstation and server.

Basic Network administration including setting up passwords, user accounts and adding new workstations

Build and maintained the PCs

Computer - IT:Owner From 2003-05 To 2004-06

Produced a mock-up of a page in a graphics application

Once design had been approved by a client I produced an HTML template, CSS files and all of the images needed to produce the Web site.

Also did graphics using FLASH 5,6,7, DREAMWEAVER 07,08

Healthcare:M.I.S (Management Information System) Assistant Technician and Developer – The Medical Admin and M.I.S departments From 1998-07 To 2002-10

Technical Business Application Support

Manage multiple clients and vendors, setting priorities and communicating to clients

Planning and troubleshooting package software applications

Planning and implementing application upgrades

Database Administration Experience with SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 (DTS, SQL, security)

Windows 2000 and XP both for server and desktop experience

Involved with Client/Server, batch processing and web experience (IIS, ODBC, SMTP, HTML, DHTML, ASP)

Computer repairs

Hardware and Software installations

On-call computer troubleshooting

Networking, Cabling assistant under UTP, Cat 5e and Coaxial

Part of the team responsible for creating a website for the hospital and prepared documentation for the system

Project ;Medical Records Application

Software Developer

Team: 16

Technologies:VB 6,SQL Server, Crystal Report, ADO

Project Summary:

Hospital medical Records registration, payment and receiving system

Payments are made by cash / cheque / DD / credit card, this application has 8 modules which are Birth registration, Death registration, Clinic visits, consult doctor, medications, diagnosis, medical numbers, discharge and complete data capturing

eThekwini (Durban)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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