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Franchise Manager

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Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Franchise Manager
R30000- R40000
Advanced Financial Management/ Business Administration/ Motor Mechanics/ Authentic Leadership Management/ Entrepreneurship Development

Advanced Financial Management Diploma:Accounts 1; Ms Excel; Numeracy; Office Management and Business Skills; Business English; Basic Bookkeeping; Macro Economics; Micro Economics; Computer Fundamentals; Intermediate Bookkeeping; Business Management; Pastel Payroll Theory; Pastel Payroll Practical; Pastel and Computer Typing.
Bookkeeping Certificate:Bookkeeping - Local & Foreign Currency (Board Exam)
Payroll Theory Certificate:Payroll Theory (Board Exam)
Numeracy Certificate:Numeracy (Board Exam)
Customer Relationship Management (MOOC):• Introduction to CRM • Building Customer Relations • Economics of CRM
Supply Chain Management (MOOC):• Introduction to SCM • The Business Target and Strategy • Production: Process Trigger • Process Structure • Distribution and Transportation
Corporate Financing Policy (MOOC):• Corporate Financial Analysis: Introduction • Risk-Return and Cost of Capital • Corporate Finance in Frictionless World • Trade-off Model of Capital Structure: Taxes and Bankruptcy Costs • Information Issues, Moral Hazard & Corporate Finance
Financing For Development (MOOC):• Introduction to Financing for Development • The Role of Public Sector Financing in Development • The Roles of Private and Blended Finance in Development • The Financing Role of the Multilateral Development Banks
Entrepreneurial Development:Course Outline: Creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that responds appropriately and adequately to the labour market and business needs. Structured: • Basic Entrepreneurship skills • Characteristics of an Entrepreneur • Basic Business Requirement The structured training programme offers the following courses: • Start Up-1 • Small Enterprise – Start up • Business Planning Process
Authentic Leadership Management (SETA Accreditation Level 4):Course Outline:  Who you are – where you come from, your values, beliefs, priorities, emotional maturity;  Why you want to lead people – your purpose as well as its importance and meaning to you;  What your individual strengths and weaknesses are;  Which particular leadership style suits you relative to your personality and character; and  Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your particular leadership style. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) • Psychology • Importance of EQ in Leadership • EQ Quadrants Understanding Oneself and Others: • Personality Profile • Leader Views and Team Views • Interactions Levels • Motivation (Oneself and Others) Communication: • Principle and Practices • Situational Thinking • Listening, Analysis and Responding Appropriately • Interaction Outcome • Preparing for an Interaction • Agendas and Minutes
Business Skills Certificate:Introduction: Economic Terms and Principles; Entrepreneurial Skills: Personality, Opportunity and Financial Needs; Pocket Calculations; Basic Record And Bookkeeping; Business Plan Compiling; Financial Institutions: Workings And Applications; Buying Principles; Selling Principles; Costing Methods; Stock Control And Marketing.
Motor Mechanics:Practical and Theory (Petrol & Diesel)
Microsoft,Word Perfect,CC-Mail,Microsoft works,Windows 2000,3G,AS 400,Pastel Payroll,Pastel Basic,Lotus,Flash,MS Access,MS Word,Norton\s Anti-Virus,Pastel,Java,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Lotus 123,Windows NT Workstations,Windows XP,E-Mail,Internet,Lotus Notes,Windows (basic),Windows Vista
Printing - Publishing:Manager (Kgantsha Mzansi Project) From 2013-01 To 2013-09

Green Energy Efficient Lightings (Project Management).


  • Business administration to increase company efficiency, customer base and turnover.
  • Liaise with Managing Director & Business Advisor on technical planning and production equipment for Johannesburg Municipality tenders.
  • Preparation of annual budget and variances on quotes for MD’s conclusion.
  • Provide recommendations regarding effective utilization of long and short term debt, including refinancing and purchasing/sales.

Manufacturing:Franchise Manager - Operations (Casino & Prestige Restaurants Chain) From 2013-12 To 2015-01



• Managing Casino departments: Treasury; Cash Desk; Attendants; Security; Cleaners and all staff on duty.

• Authorization: Daily banking, jackpots; cash counts; and perform manual payments.

• Completion of daily site checks for compliance.

• Confirming and issuing departmental floats and cash-ups.

• Conflict resolution, staff and customers.

• Relevant document preparations for Head Office and Gambling Board.

• Conduct daily meeting  and completion of meeting planners.

• General branch administration and daily filing.

• Training and facilitaion of new branches.


  • Control Bingo open bar, Grill bar and all store rooms.
  • Manage Waiters; kitchen dept. and all stuff on duty.
  • Daily counting of all stocks and ordering of stock if necessary.
  • Conduct daily meetings with Waiters, kitchen dept. and both gaming & grill bar dept. 
  • Liaising with all customers and site guests.
  • Allocating Waiter bays daily.
  • Performing regular checks in the kitchen, and preparations for audits.
  • Completion of daily, weekly and monthly check sheets.
  • Issuing of products for portioning and preparations.
  • Receiving and capturing of stock.
  • Increase sales (as per KPI requirements)
  • Increase spend per head (as per KPI requirements)
  • Increase customer count (as per KPI requirements)
  • Drive gross profit (as per KPI requirements)
  • Manage, site maintenance and contractor’s work check


MONEY LAUNDERING REPORTING OFFICER (September 2014 – January 2015),

SENIOR TREASURER (December 2013- Promoted to senior management)

Manufacturing:Customer Service Consultant From 2010-02 To 2010-05

• Internal sales.

• Query handling: walk-ins and telephonically.

• Processing and following up on orders.

• Credit/Debit card transactions.

• Invoicing and quotations.

• Daily balancing and banking.

• Process and schedule customer orders.

Hospitality - Resort:Data Capturer From 2008-08 To 2008-09

• Capturing of surveys and market research.

Property Management:Property Manager From 2008-11 To 2010-01
  • Ensuring work and procedures are performed in such a fashion as to protect the interest and property of the Body Corporate.  
  • Being an integral part of the feedback mechanism for the Trustees and Body Corporate.   
  • Performing second level checks on work conducted, and the invoiced items are correct before the invoices are approved by Trustees and then sent to Managing Agent for payment.  
  • Issuing of receipts of electrical and laundry facilities and ensuring that the cash is deposited regularly and receipts books are balanced.  
  • Obtaining daily reports from Security Company. Communicate any misconduct of the rules of the Body Corporate to the Trustees and Managing Agent.  
  • Any lawful duties required by the trustees of the Body Corporate.  
  • Liaising with the Managing Agent and scheduling work for maintenance contractors.  
  • Obtain quotations for maintenance work on behalf of the Body Corporate.  
  • Routinely checking the performance and fidelity of the security systems, including gate motors, gate operation, electric fence, armed response and security lighting.  
  • Arrangements for the purchasing of all necessary cleaning; gardening essentials; equipment required and forwarding the invoices to the Managing Agent for payment.   

Financial Services:Data and Telesales Consultant From 2007-03 To 2007-05

• Database updating, screening and cold calling.

Manufacturing:Business Analyst Assistant From 2007-02 To 2007-12

• Assisting the Business Analyst with capturing business reports, campaigns and updating marketing information or business development prospects on the intranet.

• Department administration.

Education - Training:Brand Promoter From 2005-11 To 2006-11


• Standard Bank.

• Nashua Mobile.

• Equisweet.

• Tempo Choc.

• Vodacom

Catering Services:Stock Organizer/ Driver From 2004-09 To 2004-11

• Stock and petty cash management.

Tshwane (Pretoria)
Afrikaans,English,North Sotho,Sepedi,Sotho,Tswana,Zulu
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs),Tshwane (Pretoria),Johannesburg (West Rand)
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