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Sales Administrator / External Rep

Candidate: 89285
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Sales Administrator / External Rep
R19000- R30000
1 Calendar Month

SAMTRAC - Applying SHE Principles & Procedures:Applying SHE Principles & Procedures
Certificate - Occupational Hygiene :Occupational Hygiene
Matric:English, Afrikaans, Maths, Life Orientation, Consumer Studies, Life Science, Tourism
MS Word,Microsoft,E-Mail,Internet,Windows (basic),MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Adobe Flash
Industrial equipment supplier:Safety Officer From 2018-03 To Current

Following and assisting in strategic direction

Assisting in establishing standards

Training and development

Engagement of teams

Ensure compliance and maintenance to Health, Safety, Environmental Systems and legislation

Risk Assessments and Hazardous Task Identification and Analysis

Employee, Contractor and visitor induction

Contractor control, review and audit

Operational control

SHE Inspections and audits

Monthly SHEQ committee meetings

Incident and Accident investigations and reporting

Waste control and Environmental monitoring

Design and development of products/ services – planning, inputs, controls, outputs, control of changes

Management of Change

Identification and Traceability of products and services

Release of products and services including control of Non- conforming outputs

Medical pre-employment, surveillance and exit control

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

Emergency Preparedness and response.

Transport :Senior Safety Officer From 2015-05 To 2015-11
  • Co-ordinate all safety and loss prevention activities on site and ensure that all representatives understand their duties (Duties communicated in writing and accepted, adherence of duties)
  • Ensure a high level of SHEQ standards and maintenance with regards to the SHEQ Acts and Regulations. All parties are to follow up immediately and correct unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.
  • Compliance with legislator requirements, SHEQ up to date with all SHEQ related information.
  • Representatives elected democratically, receive safety training, first aid training, fire fighting training etc. (representatives and fire marshall fulfilling their duties, new members elected every 2 years, election forms and voting system)
  • Arrange a monthly SHEQ meeting with Representatives and management focusing on action unresolved issues in a professional manner, inspections, registers maintained, PPE issuing, specialized inspections done by specialized persons. (Committee set up representative of various job areas, levels and management included)
  • Ensure that a safety plan (on site & off site incident management, evacuation) is in writing and implemented.
  • Ensure awareness amoung staff of the safety plan, toolbox talks and registers signed off, ensure representative always on site.
  • Ceize operations where work does not comply with safety standards, report and document all incidents, injuries and/ or accidents (all incidents, injuries and accidents reported)
  • In case of a situation occurring that can lead to loss of life or money, stop the operations and close the area until the correct procedure has been adhered to (this decision must be discussed with the Operations Manager and if parties cannot agree it needs to be)
  • Ensure that inspections are accurately carried out on a weekly basis by the representatives and on specialized equipment where needed. (Inspections carried out in the specified format and records maintained accurately, report provided monthly)
  • Recommend to all levels of management on techniques in loss prevention in specific areas of safety, fire preventing and control and security.
  • Ensure that appropriate appointments are made and filed by the HR Department. (Assistant to the CEO16(1) the 16(2), First Aider, Accident/Incident Investigator, Site Risk Assessor 7(1), Site safety Officer 6(6), Fire drill co-ordinator)
  • Ensure the standard procedure is followed in case of any accident/injury.
  • Adherence to the accident/ injury procedure and policy, notification of injury as per regulation 8(3)
  • Ensure that the standard procedure is followed in case of fire and emergency (adherence to the fire Protection Plan and Emergency Plan)
  • Conduct baseline risk assessment which are task specific on respective work areas in order to measure safety within the workplace (job specific assessments)
  • Continuous assessments through regular observations, monthly observations done, observations spread throughout work areas.
  • Conduct site specific baseline risk assessment to ensure site and property safety standards.
  • Continuous assessments through weekly yard walks, measure action and report monthly at the SHEQ meetings, report any non-compliance to the CEO.
  • Generic risk assessment to establish safe working standards within different work sites.
  • Regular observation of work tasks at various sites, reporting and auctioning, training and BBS (Behavioural Based Safety)
  • Conduct specialized risk assessment on various products utilized to ensure safe work standards are maintained
  • Ensure accurate PPE for specific products, observations and corrective actions reporting
  • Arrange for specialist assessments to be done by authoritative bodies and or trained consultants in case of fatalities
  • Accurate assessments and reporting, no liability imposed on the company, frequency of serious incidents reduced.
  • Develop a list of “Safe work behaviours” with input from workers who are welcomed into the programs to establish Behaviour Based Safety Standards within the respective work areas (Standard Operation procedures in place, model behaviours)
  • Ensure funding allocated per annum within the company budget for the development of Responsible Care and Behaviour Based Safety Standards and awareness programs.
  • Foster management involvement and commitment through monthly feedback reporting at the Management Meeting.
  • Continuously create awareness of Health, Safety and Environment practices to promote safe behaviour and responsible care in employee doings in order to enhance our business processes and technologies
  • Utilize resources effectively to minimize waste
  • Listen, engage and work with people (across the board) to understand their concerns and expectations and to identify their needs and possible areas of improvement
  • Stay abreast with legislator changes and amendments and ensure compliance on all
  • Asses risks and plan work activities to eliminate or control foreseeable impacts and comply with specified environmental requirements.
  • Continuous risk assessments and relevant action taken (improvements made)
  • Comply with relevant environmental, conservation, pollution, waste management and fire control legislation and regulations.
  • Legislator compliance, waste control and reduction, certification or waste control
  • Implement and maintain a risk based performance evaluation programs to verify compliance with the environmental protection plan
  • Consult with employees and sub contractors and disseminate environmental protection plan
  • Inform relevant party of non-compliance and allow time for correction, failing which ensure appropriate measures taken to ensure compliance
  • Toolbox talks to create awareness of BBS
  • Provide appropriate instruction and training for employees and sub-contractors
  • Training conducted, training registers, sub-contractor compliance letters
  • Set up response procedures which will contain and remedy environmental damages arising
  • Emergency response procedures (spill containment, fire prevention)
  • Improve environmental protection measures and revise the plan once per annum (defencies identified, corrective action, plan revised)
  • From time to time perform other reasonable duties that may not generally form part of my duties  

Supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved automotive accessories:Senior Safety Officer From 2015-11 To 2018-02
  • Keep BSO (Behavioural safety observations) register up to date
  • Conduct BSO walks
  • Conduct daily checking of security books
  • Ensure maintenance checklists are completed and up to date
  • Conduct regular SHE Meetings for each company
  • Conduct Facilities Meetings
  • Write and compile SOPS
  • Train employees on SOPS
  • Compile and write Risk Assessments
  • Organize legal SHE training
  • Ensure SHE training certificates are handed out
  • Daily checks in the factory
  • Ensure disciplinary actions are sent for relevant supervisors to conduct
  • Attend to any First Aid case needed
  • Attend to Medical Treatment cases
  • Create Toolbox topics for BBS
  • Comply with relevant environmental, conservation, pollution, waste management and fire control legislation and regulations
  • Listen, engage and work with people to understand their concerns and expectations and to identify their needs and possible areas of improvement
  • Conduct regular observations
  • Ensure WCL are filled in correctly and loaded in law abiding time
  • Compile monthly SHE notices for notice boards.
  • Participate in internal and external audits
  • Updating and abiding by the SHE matrix
  • Updating of appointment letters and ensuring they are signed by relevant persons
  • Ensure filing is up to date
  • Taking and typing of meeting minutes
  • Updating of Contractors file – Contractors Agreement and Letter of Good Standing
  • Conduct contractors and Employees inductions
  • Supervise & Manage cleaners

Building - Construction:Health Administrator From 2014-02 To 2014-10
  • Obtaining and management of medical reports from Basil Read
  • Accurate stats capturing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual feedback
  • General Administrative duties
  • To ensure that the Clinic provides professional occupational healthcare services
  • Meeting the prescribed professional and quality standards of Basil Read
  • Facilitating and follow up on referrals
  • Build relationships with sites and sub- contractors
  • Reporting directly to the Health Manger
  • Planning daily workflow
  • Booking of Medicals
  • Planning daily workflow and delegating areas of responsibility
  • Ensuring that the services agreed Basil Read and Sub – contractors are provided and are the agreed standard
  • Obtaining and managing of medical reports
  • To establish and maintain business relationships with the employees, sites and sub-contractors
  • Addressing and identifying the problem areas and notifying management
  • Resolving any problem areas or complaints and implementing corrective action where needed
  • Reporting weekly, monthly stats to the Health manager
  • Manage Referrals
  • To manage the stock levels within the Health Department
  • Ensuring that the correct stocks are available to deliver agreed services to the patients
  • Assist Basil Read with their internal audit preparation and ensure actions to be taken from the Health Departments side
  • General Administration
  • Management of waste collection and administration
  • Ensuring that clinic adhere to the policies, quality standards and procedures as set as part of Basil Read’s Quality Management systems and Medical Standards
  • To participate in the ISO 9000 Certification and audit process
  • Ensuring that Basil Read audit evidence file is kept up to date for the use of regular audits
  • Ensure that the Business Units Costs are within budget
  • Ensure that the Health Department are well presented, professional at all times
  • To build relationships with sub-contractors and promote Basil Read Health Department to complete and maintain their medicals.

Road works :SHEQ Officer From 2013-05 To 2014-02
  • Receiving and registering new WCL claims with FEM
  • Dealing with queries with regards to claims
  • Liasing with safety officers on site to request information and preparing the necessary documentation regarding claims
  • Ensure filing is done correctly
  • Receiving and checking requisitions for medicals
  • Coordinating bookings of medicals
  • Assuring attendance/fitness certificates are forwarded to site and HR Department
  • Typing minutes of meetings
  • Organising/ booking of meetings and arrange refreshments
  • Completing cheque requisitions
  • Capturing of weekly site statistics (incidents)
  • Distribution of memo’s/ alerts and new bulletins
  • Document control issuing and control of all roadcrete Africa SHEQ documents & procedures under controlled conditions
  • Control of Roadcrete Africa archiving system/ control of records
  • Control of Roadcrete Africa electronic back ups
  • Assisting Contract manager with General claim correspondence
  • Keeping claim register updated
  • Filing of claims
  • Assisting with contracts files
  • Registering letters that need to be sent priority mail

Manufacturing - Construction products :Safety Officer From 2011-03 To 2013-05
  • Capture Incidents onto Isometrix
  • Document Control – update hard copies of Incidents, Toolbox Agendas and Toolbox topics
  • Contractor Induction – Do Site Induction
  • Updating of Contractors file – Contractors Agreement and Letter of Good Standing
  • Interpret Toolbox talk to office staff
  • Collect and capture VFL Cards – Prepare excel sheet for VFL cards
  • Distribute Red flag VFL cards to responsible persons and follow up on findings and request feedback
  • Compile weekly safety Management report as well as weekly safety report (summary of Incidents in the week)
  • Have experience in drawing up Appointment letters and distributing them for signing and filing once completed
  • Compile weekly Toolbox Agendas and distribute
  • Compile monthly Toolbox Topics and distribute
  • Update all safety boards on site
  • Update SHE matrix and remind relevant people of safety duties
  • Taking of meeting minutes and typing out of minutes
  • Help manage external and internal audits
  • Daily site Inspections
  • Investigation of incidents
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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