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Human Resource Manager

Candidate: 301787
Available: Available
Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Human Resource Manager
R40000- R60000
Personnel Management

National Diploma : Personnel Management:Personnel Management , Labour Relations
Grade12:Afrikaans, English, Accountancy, Biology, History, Woodwork
MS Word,Windows 10,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Health and Safety Act,E-Mail,Internet,Windows (basic),Windows,VIP Payroll,Microsoft
Trade union:Organiser: Labour Relations: Section 189 Retrenchments; Arbitrations; Concilliations; From 2017-05 To 2019-02

Bargaining council: MEIBC Wage negotiations and Main agreements: JHB
Bargaining Council: New Tyre Bargaining Council: Wage negotiations and Main agreements: Port Elizabeth
Section 189A Restructuring: Bridgestone; Afrox; Precision Valve; Marley Pipe Systems; Powertrech Transformers etc.
Arbitration MEIBC and CCMA
Concilliation MEIBC and CCMA
Employment Act policies
Any Industrial labour related issues in MEIBC industry.
Negotiations with employers organizations ie: Seifsa and Neasa etc

Manufacturers of engineering equipment for the mines:Human Resource Manager From 1997-03 To 2016-02

Industrial Relations:
Worked closely with Unions (NUMSA) and shop stewards to ensure a safe and harmonious working environment.
Saw to it that the rules were out in the MEIBC bargaining council was adhered to, not only by employees, but also management.
Handled of Disciplinary hearings and dealt with CCMA cases.


Skills Development:
Adhered to guidelines from MERSETA in complying with the annual training reports and training plans.
Monitored employees effectiveness regarding their job skill level, in accordance with the set out unit standards for Foundry draft standards.
Met on regular basis with the Workplace skills forum, to increase the skill levels of all employees.


Recruitment and Selection:
Determined applicant requirements by studying job description and job qualifications.
Attracted applicants by placing job advertisements; contacted recruiters, using newsgroups and job sites.
Determined applicants qualifications by interviewing applicants
Analyzed responses; verified references; compared qualifications to job requirements.
Arranges management interviews by coordinating schedules; arranged travel, lodging, and meals.
INDUCTION: Ensured that new employees adhered to the standards, rules and procedure of their new company.

Saw to it that the company complied with the act.
Achieved a scorecard on all the various elements that would make company competitive against its competitors.
Identified and implemented the Company’s need for Social Development and Enterprise Development


Employment Equity:
Saw to it that the annual EEA2 and EEA4 reports are reported to dept. of labour.
Saw to it that the workforce profile is in line with the targets set out in EEA reports.
Identifed all the shortcomings on the various occupational levels in accordance with the act.
Identified barriers in workplace that prohibit certain employees from entering occupational levels.


Occupational Health and Safety:
Chairman of Safety Committee meetings.
Saw to it that company complied with all the various factors in accordance with the “SHE” act.
All the relevant certificates of each job description were adhered to and all risk assessments were in place.
Closely monitored and assisted to “SHE REPS” regarding the day to day effectiveness of safety standards.


Daily and Weekly Tasks:
Daily Caucuses with team to ensure clarity on daily targets.
Weekly strategic team sessions
Provident and Pension fund
Timesheet of employees
Day to day employee queries.
Motivate employees on willingly performing to the best of their ability on a continuous basis.

Tshwane (Pretoria)
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs),Mangaung (Bloemfontein),Nelson Mandela Metropole (Port Elizabeth),Tshwane (Pretoria),Johannesburg South,Johannesburg (West Rand)
Not Known
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