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  • 2017/06/07 10:23:27 AM
    Recruit with Bitcoin in Africa with Unique Personnel


    Everyday more and more Africans are accepting virtual payments, says Peter Mommsen, GM at Unique Personnel.

    Everyday more and more Africans are accepting virtual payments, says Peter Mommsen, GM at Unique Personnel.

    Local recruitment agency, Unique Personnel has revealed that it is now accepting Bitcoin payments for a first-time permanent job hire through the agency.


    The company's general manager Peter Mommsen says the agency embraced the virtual currency after facing difficulties paying or receiving payments in Africa due to excessive red tape and time constraints.

    He reveals that businesses receiving payments cross boarders in Africa have various challenges such as the usual red tape of paper work, approvals, swift codes, prolonged time delays from bank to bank, cash theft and corruption, among others.

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    "The sooner our candidates can start, the more productive we all are here in Africa. So it doesn't always have to be dark over here; there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Payment via block chain is instantaneous and we will honour all our guarantees for our services and candidates," he says.

    Nonetheless, Mommsen points out that the company realises there are some risks associated with Bitcoin and Bitcoin payments. But, he argues, the reality right now is it is possible to receive Bitcoin payments from anywhere immediately – which is why the agency sees it as an option.


    "Mt. Gox was a glitch or technical error in its Web site, not a Bitcoin error. The banks may not like it right now, but once they understand that it will speed up payments, they will have to adapt. Banks need the competition," he says.


    Once the world's biggest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox made headlines earlier this year after it filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan, saying it had lost nearly half a billion dollars' worth of the virtual coins due to its faulty computer system being hacked.

    According to Mommsen, every day more and more Africans are making use of virtual money transfers, some for business transactions and others to send money to their families at home, instantly and with no bank charges.

    For Bitcoin payments to gain traction on the African continent, Mommsen advocates for more Internet, communications coverage as well as affordability.

    "The apps and technology are all free; so all that is lacking is the flow and access of this information. Internationally, I believe Bitcoin has become an alternative ‘digital currency' or payment mechanism.

    "What gives any currency value today? Right now you can buy Kruger rands and gold coins with your Bitcoins. As more people understand how it works, the more mainstream it will become.

    "We feel the faster payments can take place in Africa, the sooner the job can get done, which means a more productive environment and continent," Mommsen concludes.


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